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Introducing Turonsound.com as an Alternative to SoundCloud and Spotify

Last updated Saturday, February 6, 2021 16:25 ET

The Next-Gen Platform that helps Musicians and Creators Create their own Merchandise, Control their Fees and Payments and Much More

Vancouver, Canada, 02/06/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

 Introducing Turnonsound.com as a SoundCloud alternative and which is similar to Spotify but packed with loads of attractive features. This next-generation platform offers powerful tools for musicians and creators. They can control access to their songs and content through custom subscriptions. The content can be set to premium subscriptions at the desired fee whenever the users are ready to monetize their content. The platform also allows the creators to build custom merchandise with their logos and branding. All that they have to do is set the price and the platform will take care of the rest including production and delivery.

All musicians and creative creators are invited to sign up for free and gain access to some of the most incredible features to kick start their music career. Here are a few attractive features that need a special mention here:

  • Custom Monetization allows creators to monetize their content the way they want. This is the best SoundCloud alternative and similar to Spotify monetization.
  • Users can also create and ship customer merchandise and the Turnonsound platform will take care of the production and fulfillment of the merchandise with international shipment.
  • Users can also email their fans, send batch emails for bulk promotion and in the most professional way.
  • Payouts: The other attractive feature is that of payouts wherein content creators can get their money whenever they want and to wherever they wish to. PayPal or direct deposits, this platform has got it all covered with major payout methods around the world.

The UI and monetization tools also allow the members to see how much they have earned and from where the earnings are coming from. This is a great time-saving tool and the best alternative to Deezer, OnlyFans, BandCamp, and other popular platforms. As the best SoundCloud alternative, musicians or podcasters can now concentrate on developing their content rather than spending unnecessary time on the logistics.

Turnonsound.com is dedicated to providing an amazing opportunity for users to create and grow their brand as well as their revenue.

Coming to music listeners, they too can experience amazing audio. They can be assured of access to the latest music from new and upcoming artists. Listeners can also customize their tracks and podcasts with the help of an audio library organizer. The platform is designed with intuitive functionality that will inspire the visitors to listen and enjoy new tracks each and every day. Fans can also hear the music the way the artist wants with the help of HD streaming and no auto volume adjustments. Last but not the least, Turnonsound.com also offers an amazing opportunity for artists to scale globally and reach out to new and old fans, and stay connected with the pro email tools.

To learn more visit https://www.turnonsound.com/

About Turnonsound.com

Turnonsound.com is a music platform similar to Spotify and a SoundCloud alternative. It is also the best alternative to Deezer, OnlyFans, BandCamp and other major music platforms. This all-in-one platform is backed by a fully flushed out set of tools designed by musicians for musicians, creators, podcasters and content creators.




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