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5 Reasons Every Student Should Read Station Eleven by St. John Mandel

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Here are 5 reasons why every student must read Station Eleven by St. John Mandel.

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Since you are reading this guide, you’ve likely spent some time thinking about post-apocalyptic science fiction narratives. What comes to mind when you think about them? Maybe something like a monster or alien invasion. And the scramble of protagonists to pile resources and protect their loved ones from destruction and chaos. All these have been tried and tested in this education genre.

What might not come to mind easily is a story about Shakespeare traveling around North America decades after the apocalypse. This is the exact story that St. John Mandel narrates in his book. Post-apocalyptic books usually focus on the facts surrounding the impact of a disaster. However, Mandel’s book talks about the characteristics and attitudes of people that can influence a student to take action.

Reasons to read this great book:

1. You’ll marvel at the world.

    In Mandel’s world, planes do not fly. Cars do not drive. Humans don’t have access to electricity, running water, and the internet. The characters who long for cool air blowing from a vent, the sound of electric guitars, and the flight will marvel at the world they live in. Most of the time, human beings take things for granted. After reading this book, you’ll be grateful for all the good things around you.

    2. You’ll be excited about not being invited to dinner parties in Hollywood.

      There is a flu pandemic that affects people in the story. The story compares the pre and post flu pandemic situation in the world. Before the pandemic, there is a Hollywood dinner party full of famous and successful actors and the pretending types who would make anyone happy for not being invited to such events.

      3. Free essay examples on station eleven are fulfilling.

        A young woman called Miranda marries a famous actor called Arthur before the apocalypse. Arthur’s friends think of Miranda as strange because she spends most of her time working on comic books and free essay examples that can be found on eduzaurus without any interest in publishing them. However, unlike Arthur, who can’t stop thinking of performing, Miranda doesn’t have a desire to get an audience. Instead, she finds happiness and solace in study, writing, drawing, and imagining comic books. Station eleven reminds the reader that there is nothing better than the process of creating regardless of whether anyone sees your work or not.

        4. Losing everything can be a blessing.

          Jeevan, a popular character in the world before the pandemic, works to leave behind his tiring and unfulfilling job as a paparazzi only to find an opportunity to do valuable and fulfilling work.

          5. People who drive you crazy sometimes are your reason for living.

            People who belonged to the Traveling Symphony did everything together. They lived together, rehearsed together, traveled together, and performed together. Since they couldn’t escape each other, they became a summation of neuroses, jealousies, simmering resentments, and undiagnosed PTSD cases. And this drove them to write about hell with other people. However, after three members disappeared mysteriously, the rest realized how much they meant to each other.

            Bonus tip:

            Who doesn’t want to read a post-apocalyptic novel about a traveling Shakespeare and symphony armed with tools?

            It’s quite intriguing to think that only a few human beings will survive. And so will the works of Shakespeare. This is in case there is an apocalypse, a pampered actress who grows into a woman who cannot play Titania but can slay an attacker by simply throwing a knife. It’s comforting to know that regardless of how dire the conditions are in the world, there will be those who are ready to risk their lives to save others because survival is simply insufficient.


            So far, how would you rate this book? I’ve read it several times, and it’s one of the best books in the world, especially for college students. There are a lot of valuable lessons that students can learn from this book. As an artist, you should focus on the process and creating excellent artwork. Also, losing everything you have is not always a curse.

            Countless people have lost everything. And it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. You can only learn such valuable lessons by reading this book. It has everything you need to become a top achiever. Do not be afraid to test the waters to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Remember, you only live once.

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