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The background check represents a common process in terms of verifying someone's claims or history. They provide the optimal opportunity for people and companies to find out more about someone – such as the criminal record, employment history, education and other activities from their past. People applying for jobs, purchasing guns or looking for new homes may have to go through such a check in order to prove they have nothing to hide.

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It is worth noting that there are more types of background checks out there and they can be ordered by pretty much anyone. You do not have to be an employer or a landlord to check someone's past, just like others can check your history without you even knowing. All in all, here are some of the most popular types of checks, as well as what they actually mean.

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Criminal background checks

The criminal background check represents one of the most common options out there and can be requested by both people and companies. It will reveal most crimes in someone's past, from fraud and sex crimes to felonies and other convictions. This type of check is more common in terms of adoption, employment or home rental.

Certain industries may require a bit more from workers, so employers try to find the best background check based on the amounts of details it provides. There might be regulations against hiring people with particular felons if the conviction could be relevant to the job. For example, the health care industry is one of these domains, as well as law enforcement.

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The good news for employers is they can get a better clue about their potential employees. The bad news is that even if they are rehabilitated, formerly incarcerated individuals will find it difficult to get back into the workforce. Some governments provide a few extras to companies hiring convicted people in order to stimulate the process.

Employment background checks

Employers often rely on background check services in order to avoid hiring someone who might become an issue. There are more potential situations and people could become an actual threat to customers, other employees and even the workplace – it might become a liability to the company. Almost all employers conduct one or more background checks before hiring someone.

Employment background checks can be requested anytime. You could get one before hiring someone, as soon as you are done with the interview or before the interview. You can also request one later on if you find it necessary. You might as well perform regular background checks – once or twice a year – to ensure your employees work in a safe environment.

Employers typically require a few details to run a complete background check, such as the full name, date of birth, social security number and address. Candidates often have to agree to these checks. But then, you can find the best background check site out there that will not require the consent and can be conducted with a few details only.

In terms of details given by such a background search, expect information about the working history, credit history, criminal records, education and so on. Some of the best background check companies can offer details on social media records, drug screening and the medical history as well – different companies rely on different databases to come up with the required results.

Further checks might be required for specialized positions. If you are an employer, make sure you are aware of the rules of the industry. For example, you do not want a former bank robber to work as a clerk in your institution and deal with money, do you? Certifications on the resume must also be double checked upfront.

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Personal background checks

Personal background checks can go in two different directions. Employers or banking institutions may perform such checks, not to mention landlords and other companies you might deal with. They want to find out more about someone. But on the same note, people could perform personal background checks on themselves too.

If you are interested to know what someone might find about you, such a check is ideal. There are more companies out there – stick to the best background check service you can find if you want as many details as possible. Find out if your name appears in any negative databases – you can also trace where you have lived before or your previous workplaces.

Why would someone run a personal check on themselves then? It is not unusual to find all kinds of mistakes in the results. Conduct such a search on yourself and address potential mistakes before a banking institution, a business partner or an employer finds them. You could miss great opportunities for small mistakes that are not even yours.

International background checks

Considering someone who has lived or worked abroad? If someone has spent their past 10 years abroad, chances are a local check will not reveal too much – not even if you pick the best background check company on the market. Based on someone's past, you can also conduct international background checks.

An international check will provide similar details – employment, education, criminal records and so on. Costs vary from one provider to another, as well as the actual information included in the report. If you are only interested in the education, you will clearly pay less than someone who wants every possible detail about someone's past.

Credit background checks

Credit background checks focus on the credit to debt ratio and tells you how someone has managed to handle their finances in the past. This so called credit report is a standard requirement for numerous applications that involve money. You would normally perform such a check if you worked in a bank. Landlords will also want to know whether or not someone can stick to monthly payments.

Some jobs also require one of these checks, especially if they involve working with money or having access to money. Basically, the financial part is a top notch requirement in areas where fraud is easy and possible. Some of the details in this report include payment histories, civil judgments, bankruptcies, collections, tax liens and so on.

It is important to know that while having access to such information is essential, there are parts in the world (including some states in the USA) that prohibit credit checks as part of the employment process. Of course, no one can really tell if you have done the credit check during the process (just find the best online background check service), but using the result to deny someone's application is not allowed.

There are more types of background checks out there, but these five options represent the most popular request out there. Most background check websites will be able to provide access to such details, yet it is essential to choose a company with a good reputation – a company that searches through the right databases to find as many details as possible. Now, when do you need such a check and why?

Situations that might require a background check

Hiring someone almost always requires a background check. Some checks are highly recommended – especially in a particular industry. Then, there are domains where a background check is mandatory. Some checks are not allowed – such as a credit check when hiring someone, but who is going to know? You do not want a convicted burglar as your babysitter or cleaner when you are not at home, do you?

Since anyone can perform background checks, imagine meeting someone new – in real life or over the Internet. You two get to know each other and things get serious, but do you really know what they have to hide? There are so many horror stories out there that you will want to know everything upfront. Make a little investment and order a background check to ensure there are no major things to hide.

The same rule applies whenever someone new gets into your life – a new colleague in work, a new friend or perhaps a new neighbor. You might as well use background checks to find out more about your best f friend in high school – find out where they are today, what they do and how you can reconnect with them. The general idea is that such checks are so common and accessible that anyone can perform them.

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In the end, there are more types of background checks out there and each of them has a specific purpose. Some of them are mandatory in certain situations. Some others are optional. Some of them are great to check on yourself and make sure everything is right, but also to satisfy your curiosity about someone you have just met.

The good news is anyone can perform a background check these days, without having too much information available. Costs are relatively low and they depend on the details you want to find out. The more comprehensive the check, the more money you will have to pay. Other than that, a check can literally save you money or keep you safe in the long run.

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