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How Local Germantown Dentist Damion Cooper Makes An Impact On The World Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Last updated Tuesday, March 2, 2021 17:57 ET , Source: Damion Cooper

Local Germantown Dentist Damion Cooper gives his take on why having the perfect smile is so important.

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Many people envision a trip to the dentist as one of medical discomfort. Whether it be getting a tooth implant, a deep clean, or many other possibilities, it’s unusual for it to be something one would look forward to.

With many new technological innovations leading the way, many dentists, such as Dr. Damion Cooper, are beginning a new age of dentistry that is partially rooted in cosmetology. Cooper prides himself not only in his ability to carry out medical procedures that keep his patients healthy, but also his ability to make positive physical changes that leaves his patients with more self-confidence and more invested in their oral health.

“Porcelain veneers and teeth whitening are the most common procedures that I do,” Cooper said. “There is definitely a perception that these types of procedures are uncomfortable, painful and costly, but that is not necessarily the case. A lot of techniques and technologies have made things much more comfortable and far quicker.”

Cooper initially got into the realm of cosmetic dentistry for a simple reason, which was that he liked making things look good.

“What I really realized was just how important the smile is,” Cooper said. “A smile is something that stands out about a person. Seeing that really made me reevaluate the work I was doing and realized that I should pay attention to how teeth are supposed to look.”

According to Cooper, cosmetic dentistry and normal dentistry are inextricably linked in ways people may not realize.

“My favorite phrase is that form follows function,” Cooper said. “If your teeth and smile are constructed in the right way, it will naturally look more aesthetically pleasing, and vice versa.”

Cooper believes that the industry still has a long way to go, but he is also hopeful that many of the new technologies that will enter the sphere can help him and his colleagues take even greater strides in the right direction.

“Eventually a lot more people are going to be focused on both improving their smile but also their overall health,” Cooper said. “There are so many new and cool technologies that are helping people get a nice smile in a short amount of time.”

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