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Restaurant Innovations that Help Customers the Most

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Here are a few important restaurant innovations that made customers' lives easier.

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Visiting a restaurant or ordering food online has long ago ceased to be a traditional process of merely providing information about what we are about to eat. For quite some time, gastronomic establishments have been making improvements to not only speed up service but also to offer new value to the customer.

Placing orders without standing in line

Every restaurant has its own way of coping with a large number of customers. In one case, the solution is to employ additional waiters and cooks, in another to manage the available tables and invite guests only when there is a seat for them. But what about establishments that are able to fill a large number of orders, but long queues discourage potential guests from a prolonged wait? Fortunately, the development of technology enables solutions that allow us to get out of such a situation and provide benefits to both parties. This can be seen both in the case of a traditional visit to a restaurant, as well as ordering food online.

Many establishments already have displays or screens that customers can use to place their orders on their own, without having to stand in line. What is a digital kiosk? It is a device on which a restaurant guest can browse the available menu, choose the dish they are interested in, select or subtract specific ingredients, and finally place an order. This solution is particularly helpful in facilities where the serving of food takes place relatively quickly, and the offer of the establishment includes not only meals but also drinks. Thanks to this, it is possible to serve many more people than in the case of a standard queue.

Innovations in kitchen work

Innovation, when it comes to restaurants, is not only related to the guest area but also to the kitchen. In large establishments or those with a lot of cooks, it can sometimes be a problem if there is an overload of work at multiple stations. If the order consists of different types of dishes, then several employees prepare them separately. The situation is similar in the case of cafés. Those responsible for making less popular coffee may not have easy access to information about it at a time when the most popular drinks are being served.

Restaurants that recognize such a problem on their premises are focusing on automating the process of order fulfillment. Also, in kitchens, new devices are appearing that keep employees informed about what order has been placed and when. The cook responsible for preparing desserts receives on his screen all the required data, including the time since the order was received or the period in which the dish should be made. At the same time, this information does not mix with that of the chefs responsible for the main course. This allows the restaurants to perfectly adjust the time within which the customer should receive the ordered items.

Improvements to online ordering

Innovations in food service also extend to online meal ordering. In the era of the unfavorable epidemiological situation, when many facilities had to suspend the traditional form of serving guests, the introduction of new functionalities has become not only an opportunity to streamline operations but also, in many cases, a necessity. The easiest and most intuitive ordering process is also a factor that is often the most important for customers when choosing a restaurant. Most interestingly, many of the solutions used in restaurants can be transferred to the online ordering form.

A digital kiosk in the online version is, in theory, a website with a menu and prices. In practice, however, it is most often a ready-made tool with which a restaurant gives the customer the possibility to completely personalize their meal. When choosing a full dinner set with dessert, the ordering party has the possibility of adding their favorite ingredients or removing those they do not like. This is a particularly useful function in restaurants offering dishes consisting of several ingredients. After the customer places an order, the restaurant receives all the information about the selected dish, which is then sent to the screens of individual employees in the kitchen, which significantly improves the entire preparation process.

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