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London Business Features Sino United Worldwide Ltd (SUIC) as SUIC's QQPay Is Set To Launch Their own Digital Payment App

Last updated Wednesday, March 3, 2021 14:28 ET , Source: London Business Ltd

Sino United invests in sinoway international

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Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd (SUIC) QQPay US Inc. is advancing the launch of its technology within the digital financial system using blockchain-powered technology. QQ Credits will be its cryptocurrency in the market. The process is underway and may complete anytime in the next few days.

QQPay will be the digital medium through which all financial transactions of QQ credits will take place.

Over the last few months, SUIC QQPay USA Inc. has been working hard towards creating a robust and safe digital financial system that can work seamlessly across the world. Currently, SUIC has its global presence in several countries, including Australia, Singapore, the US, and Malaysia.

SUIC QPay aims at creating an inclusive financial system that works round the clock breaking barriers of traditional geographical boundaries and Fiat currency. Apart from working on strengthening QQCredit’s digital presence, the company also wants to curb any sort of money laundering attempt on its platform.

The company makes it mandatory for users to have an active bank account for transacting through QQCredit.

How Will QQ Credits Revolutionize the Entire Crypto Market

QQ Credit will help crypto enthusiasts in completing their online financial deals. It works similar to how BTC does. QQPay has collaborated with SUIC to offer unrivalled IoT services like Big Data, AI, Blockchain and research analytics for maximum benefits to its users.

  • QQ Credit work without any digital wallet.
  • It can be deposited in the bank and subsequently withdrawn like any Fiat Currency.
  • QQ Credit can be easily convertible and transacted as a legal tender.
  • It will work only on a mobile app for maximum security.
  • Any user can complete a financial deal using QQ Credit by paying only a 0.20% fee per transaction.

QQ Credits will revolutionize the entire crypto transactions and the related process by facilitating online settlement, instant remittance and confirmation and end-to-end encryption with full transparency.

The Conclusion

Many people complete their transactions online using various cryptocurrencies in the market. With the entire financial system is expected to go through the process of digitalization, the availability of cryptocurrencies like BTC and others in the market is the need of the hour.

QQCredit can fill this gap by emerging as a viable alternative to BTC or other cryptocurrencies. As of now, IT and ITES services have maintained a CAGR of 70%+ over the last few years. So, it’s the right time for QQPay and QQCredit to come and leverage the market potentials of cryptocurrency.

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