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College Homework Help – How to Save Time and Stay Sane

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How to save your time and stay sane while doing your daily long homework? Read these tips.

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Doing homework has become one of the most tedious activities for college students, and it often takes a long time. In our article, we will talk about problems with today's education leading to students experiencing difficulties doing homework and offer three practical bits of advice on how to find a worthy student homework help website. With the advice from the essay writing service experts of www.99Papers.com, you will learn how to do your homework quickly, effectively, and without stress.

Surveys bring worrying results.

According to the StudyGuys.com recent survey, roughly 25% of respondents believe that students are being asked to study more at home than they used to before the pandemic. Around 40% of students would like to cancel their homework on at least one subject.

Four out of five respondents said that they have difficulty fulfilling college assignments, and nearly every third has answered "true" to the question "I need help with my homework." 42% of the respondents admitted that at least once a week, they feel depressed because they constantly resort to "do my homework later" behavior moving their homework heap too close to the deadlines. Every 5th student in the survey turns to homework help sites for college students one way or another to keep up with their classes and relieve emotional stress, which 99Papers also confirm in regards to the college homework help popularity amongst students.

What is wrong with today's education?

There is an opinion that the problem with the education systems today is the inability to adapt quickly to the challenges of modern times, while the pace of life is speeding up, touching upon every aspect of human activities, from the way we communicate with other people to the way we work and study. As a result, the technical knowledge, which today's freshmen are learning during their first year will be mostly outdated by the time they graduate some years later.

Unlike with most other human activities, in college education, productivity does not really grow much over time. A hundred years ago, a lecturer stood in front of an audience in Cambridge or Oxford and gave his lecture. For a hundred years, the productivity of a typical lecturer has not changed much. And this is another problem with education since, in all other industries, labor productivity has constantly been growing. Within a rather short time, we have learned to make more clothes, produce more food, and manufacture more cars. As a result, people now have better access to better clothing, food, transportation, but not to better education, really.

Scientists studying education have established that only active learning is effective. The problem is that the classical form of teaching at college is somewhat passive. One may even call a lecture, a teacher's one-way story about something, ineffective. Everyone knows about this, but most colleges continue to build on the old principles.

On top of that, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has put additional pressure on educational systems worldwide. Teachers have begun stressing homework and written take-home assignments, such as essays, research papers, and theses. More and more students are wondering, "How can I do my homework when it is made up of mostly boring written assignments, and there is always too much of it on my plate?"

Homework help websites for college students, as per 99Papers.

Student homework help websites are a natural response of the academic ecosystem to the above-mentioned problems in education. They first appeared more than a decade ago, but the real growth has not happened until the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Now when students type in a search request "I need help with my homework" into a search engine, they get dozens of results with various online student homework help suggestions. How not to get lost in this abundance, and what is more important – how to pick the worthy one without wasting precious time on unscrupulous homework help sites?

● First of all, check the product range that a service has to offer. Online student homework help websites with long-lasting ambitions and plans to stay on this market would aim at growing a wide range of services portfolio. Besides helping with day-to-day take-home assignments, such websites would offer assistance with writing essays, research papers, theses, dissertations, and other written college assignments. They would also provide editing & proofreading services along with tutoring and personal coaching sessions. The most advanced websites may even offer online group courses and have enough samples of academic papers available 24/7 for their students for free.

● Second, pay attention to the customer satisfaction guarantee policy (do not even waste your time on a site that does not have one) and confidentiality/anonymity. A decent student homework help resource would aim to implement a solid satisfaction guarantee, at least offering a refund possibility if clients are not happy with the services. Likewise, a service ignoring the anonymity of its customers is not worth attention.

● Additionally, read what other users have to say about a service. There are many ratings and user reviews available online where you can read if a website is worth your attention and money. Those websites that value their reputation would also aim to answer customer questions and react to negative feedback.

Tips on how to do your homework quickly and effectively.

99Papers experts made a list of recommendations on how to do college homework quickly and effectively. We are sure that the following information will help to save your time and nerves.

College homework help tip #1.

Doing homework should become a habit.

Doing homework should be as natural as brushing your teeth or making your bed. It is necessary to form this pattern from the first year in college. Ideally, if you do your homework at the same time (every time) and start it with some kind of ritual. For example, turning on a desk lamp or folding notebooks on the table. The brain will get used to this routine and will tune in to learning as soon as the "ritual" begins. When homework becomes a habit rather than a choice, you are less likely to put it off until later.

College homework help tip #2.

Do not keep unnecessary stuff on your desk and around you.

The surrounding space affects a person's productivity. It is important to provide a normal temperature, lighting, and silence in the room where you study.

The student's desk should always be cleaned. Make sure you have enough space for textbooks, a laptop, exercise books, and other study materials. Avoid cluttering the workplace with gadgets, pictures in frames, and other things that might distract you from doing homework.

College homework help tip #3.

Besides the class schedule, you should also develop a schedule for homework.

Planning relieves anxiety, they say. It is important for students to clearly see what assignments they need to do. You need to allocate time to schedule your homework. Set the frequency for solving regular tasks, prioritize tasks that have strict deadlines. For example, studying for tomorrow's test is a more urgent task than writing an essay, a college paper, coursework, thesis, or a personal statement with a loose deadline. Controlling the situation gives you confidence that you are able to cope with all this.

Write down a clear homework plan, and preferably on paper, not in a gadget. According to psychologists, writing down plans and goals by hand makes a person more likely to follow them.

College homework help tip #4.

Large tasks must be broken into parts.

An essay, a college paper, research paper, thesis, coursework, personal statement – all these tasks require serious, thoughtful, and phased work. Aim to break down a large task into parts and include each part in the homework schedule. Balancing the load will avoid the feeling that large tasks are long, difficult, and tedious.

Remember, it is hard to begin doing something. However, once you are on it, completing even a small part will make you feel satisfied and relieved, and you will have a lot more motivation and energy to complete the rest. An outline of a research paper or thesis is already a good start.

College homework help tip #5.

It is better to start doing your most difficult homework assignment first.

The desire to put off things, which we don't like, is at the core of human nature. But our time, attention, and energy resources are limited. Putting off boring or difficult assignments for later often leads to poor performance and low grades. Therefore, homework should be started with the subject that is the most difficult, the most time-consuming, or least liked by you.

The more effort students spend on simple tasks, the harder it will be for them to move on to the complex ones. And by completing a difficult task right away, the student will receive a charge of positive emotions and easily finish the rest of the homework. It is like in a computer game, a typical "shooter", when a bunch of monsters are heading your way – would you start shooting the smaller ones first and then take the risk of running out of bullets when the biggest monster gets close to you?

College homework help tip #6.

Every 30-50 minutes, you need to take a short break.

Intense mental activity should be alternated with physical activity or simple 5-10 minutes of doing nothing. Establish a rule: every 30-50 minutes of homework activity, take a short break. The work in segments is called the "Project" method – a popular business approach associated with resource planning and time management techniques.

You will learn to like and enjoy your breaks, provided that such breaks in your homework will take place without social networks, games, and TV series. Our brain activity is a lot similar to muscle activity – it needs periods to rest and recuperate to stay on its peak performance. It is good to take your dog for a walk or eat something nutritious; for example, nuts stimulate brain activity. Chewing, in general, is a good exercise for good blood flow into your brain to boost its productivity. Just remember not to eat too much as this will stimulate an increased blood flow to your stomach instead and make you feel sleepy.

College homework help tip #7.

If you can't do your homework, you need to involve additional resources.

Tasks that cause difficulties and lead to bad results are not a reason to despair. They are a signal to take a break and analyze the situation. Maybe the reason is just an overlap of multiple difficult tasks, and there is simply "too much on your plate." Perhaps your comfortable reading and writing pace is different from what your teacher demands, and therefore each essay or a book analysis for you is a cognitive hell. Or maybe you just lack the knowledge and need an additional resource to close the gap.

In the 99Papers' resource library, you can find examples in a vast range of college subjects and then review the material you need. For example, if you have some problems with a certain discipline, you can hire an expert writer there and close the knowledge gap hindering your homework progress.

Generally, you can always hire a specialist with a relevant scientific degree who can help you do your homework, therefore freeing time for you to focus on other tasks. Or you can book a coaching session with a specialist to help you do the current and all similar homework tasks in the future. 99papers probably have the most affordable prices than other student homework help websites.

How to understand if your homework is causing you troubles.

Self-analysis is a great method of understanding if you have problems with a particular activity, including homework. The key here is to be open and honest with yourself and to find a time and a comfortable spot where you will not be distracted by anything or anyone.

Here are some questions to help you identify problems with your homework:

● Recall what you did in the class on this topic. How did you solve such problems?

● Do you like this type of assignment? If not, what task do you like?

● Sometimes, when students have to deal with something new, they fear that they will not be able to cope. Is this how you feel now?

● How should this task be completed? What can you do to make sure you understand it correctly?

● Ask yourself a question – "Can I do my homework in a better way"?

● Do you desperately need help with this assignment?

● Do as much as you understand (on the topic). Then put together the questions you have on your homework assignment so that you can ask your professor/coach / tutor tomorrow. What questions do you have?

Now you know how to save your time and nerves when doing homework!

To summarize: how to do all the homework tasks quickly? To do your homework without damaging yourself, follow these simple rules: make doing homework a habit or routine, keep your desk in order, make a schedule and follow it, break large assignments into parts and prioritize the most difficult or urgent ones. Remember to take breaks every 30-50 minutes, analyze yourself to know when to seek additional resources, and reach out for a helping hand.

There are plenty of online student homework help websites out there, but not all of them are worthy. Follow our three simple recommendations on how to find a trustworthy homework help website. Once you have found one, instead of passively outsourcing your homework, try to grab maximum benefits from this cooperation: browse their resource library for useful study materials, hire a specialist, do as much as you can yourself and prepare questions for your tutor, provide feedback to your writer, editor, proofreader and so on.

99Papers team wishes everyone Good Luck with their studies!

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