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10 Inspirational Women and Their Success Stories

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Sunshy.co publishes 10 Inspirational Women and Their Success Stories

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Passionately making the ends meet and fiercely creating history in their own world, females are working relentlessly to structure their ideas and superpowers. We have a list of inspirational women who have been redefining the enthusiasm of women empowerment.

Giorgia Mondani

Giorgia Mondani is redefining the world of luxury watches and has set a groundbreaking foundation with Mondani Web. Her equation with tickers has prominently made her one of the thriving experts in the industry of watches. Since years, the Mondani family has been enjoying the legacy in watch dealerships and Georgia has managed to bag vast knowledge of horology. After graduating in foreign languages, she completed her internship at Antiquorum, joined her family business and successfully captivated the attention of many through her unmatchable expertise and affection for watches. Coming with a refined mindset, she has built a huge network of trusted watch dealers and a specialised social media agency in the world of watches. The rarest and luxury collection of watches in her network has become the trusted brands who have been growing ceaselessly.

Lisa Romano

Lisa A. Romano was voted #1 Most Influential Person of 2020 by Digital Journal. She is a Certified Life Coach and bestselling author who specializes in codependency and narcissistic abuse recovery. Lisa helps adult children who have been negatively impacted by their childhood experiences, learn to discover the subconscious patterns and reactive behaviours that keep them stuck. Romano is also one of the most listened to meditation teachers on Insight Timer and a top YouTube Life Coach. She develops online courses for those who wish to learn to set boundaries, heal their inner child, and recovery from toxic codependent relationships.

Lisa also has a top-ranking podcast called Breakdowns to Breakthroughs. Her 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program has helped thousands of adult children heal from ACOA issues, as well as childhood emotional neglect. Her tagline is, "It's Not You -- It's Your Programming."

Christine Handy

Christine Handy is a philanthropist, an author, a model and a sought out motivational speaker who has managed to inspire countless woman from her candid life experiences. She is a lifelong model who powerfully recovered from aggressive breast cancer. Christine knotted her harrowing experiences of going from a dependence on outer beauty to embracing her illnesses and scars towards her new life of influencing women all over the world. Led by her optimism, she has been passing on hope and support for women going through cancer and other trials. Christine is on the board of two non-profits, EBeauty-a wig exchange program that offers wigs to women going through treatment who cannot afford them and People of Purpose whose mission is to change recidivism. With her powerful drive to work, Christine successfully continues her journey as a model while strongly adding value to society. As a modern mother and philanthropist, her courageous experiences highlight the work of those opening the heart space to inspire others and build a better environment.

McKenzie Turley

McKenzie Turley is the founder and creator of Invisible Bead Extensions®️. As a successful hairstylist and trained hair extension artist, she found a need in the hair industry for an extension method that truly was comfortable, safe, and discreet for the woman wearing it. After intensive research and development, her extension method was created. Within a few short months of showing the first glimpse of her creation on Instagram, she realized she had something the industry had never before seen and needed to quickly scale her education platform to include a virtual option. Little did she know, 7 months later, Covid would completely shut down the hair industry and leave stylists searching for online education while they were required to stay at home.

Since it’s creation in 2019, and during a global pandemic, her company has grown to include a world-wide network of thousands of stylists in 9 different countries who all received training through her unique virtual education platform.

Karen Mitchell

Karen Mitchell is a serial entrepreneur with several business ventures under her belt, but the Jamaican born, Brooklyn bred business woman is most noted as owner and CEO of the True Indian Hair Company under the Umbrella True Hair Company. Karen began her hair journey fifteen years ago when she noticed a lack of black women in ownership positions in the multi billion dollar hair extension market. Karen saw the need and her love of hair and beauty introduced her to her true passion: connecting image-conscious career women with easy-to-care for luxury extensions, thus taking the company from a $30,000 start up investment to an annual grossing and profitable seven figure company.

Mitchell’s dedication to this mission has propelled True Indian Hair to the fore-front of the hair industry. Leading publications like Essence, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Elle magazines have all leaned on Mitchell’s expertise for stories as well as profiled the True Indian Hair brand. The popular brand has also adorned the heads of many celebrities including Rihanna and Beyonce. Since its inception, the demand for Mitchell’s product has seen the expansion of True Indian Hair from its flagship Brooklyn NYC boutique to two additional New York locations while simultaneously growing rapidly online which now accounts for 30% of the brands revenue.

She is also currently working on expanding her brick and mortar beyond New York to Atlanta. True Indian Hair products are available worldwide via the website.

Dal Dhaliwal

Dal Dhaliwal is a women’s wellness and business coach and media personality, and the founder of the Female Success Club, an online community that provides mentoring and coaching for female entrepreneurs. She is also the host of Dal TV and Unlocks Your Potential Podcast.

Dal was the first British Asian woman to launch a gym in the UK and her impressive career spans over twenty-five years in the wellness industry. Her popularity and influence built on social media and respected reputation to deliver excellence have established her as a leading influential figure.

She has an impressive track record of delivering exceptional results for every client she serves. Her popular coaching programs and online products have helped people globally to achieve incredible results in all areas of their life.

Dal is currently studying for a BSc (Hons) Psychology degree and writing her first book Breaking Down Cultural Barriers, launching in 2022.

Katrina Worgess

Katrina Worgess was working in retail earning just £7.25 per hour when she received a message from a friend about an opportunity to earn more money. Her friend connected her to a mentor who introduced her to Digital Entrepreneurship. Learning how to trade high-frequency forex took her from being broke as a joke, struggling financially, to multiple six-figure statuses. She fired her boss & has since been enjoying the perks of being free to do whatever she wants to do whenever she wants to do it! Katrina leads a global organisation where she teaches recession-proof skills on how to use the internet to earn money. Not only has she become a multiple 6 figure earner but she has also produced six-figure earners too! Her students are thriving and achieving incredible results making money in minutes trading on the High-Frequency Forex market.

Giselle Mascarenhas

Giselle Mascarenhas is reinventing the business world with her sparkling approaches to add value as a business coach. Her expertise and experience are an added charm to her methods and makes her a sought-after speaker. Known for her vibrant personality, she has significantly enjoyed her journey of leading hundreds of entrepreneurs who felt shame, overwhelm, fear and intimidation towards Instagram to be a beacon of transformation for those they serve. Leveraging social media's ultimate power, Giselle has extensively influenced and led businesses towards their successful endeavors. Her commitment to her community has placed her in various leadership roles. While becoming staunch in the challenging business world, her resilient and powerful presence has inspired growth in multiple lives.

Sadaf Chaudhry

Sadaf Chaudhry is best known as a Global Blogger, Influencer co-host of Good Morning NTV Houston, and Certified Fraud Examiner/Accountant. Her honest and candid presence about her life experiences has quickly inspired and brought in the attention of many. While bringing her honest stories to the table, Sadaf enthusiastically uncovers the candid details about being a South Asian wife of a TV executive and mother of an 8-year-old. Driven by her life motto, 'Be Brave, Be You', her blog, BeingSadaf.com, highlights her personality and moments that define her. With a goal to strongly stand against the conventional norms and "taboos" within South Asian communities, her prominence has caught the attention of numerous people. Fondly called 'raw' by her followers, her real-life stories inspire them to never settle. She believes in never giving up and living only once!

Lydia Fernandes

Lydia Fernandes, an expert with 20+ years of experience, is a two-time award-winning women’s leadership advocate who has helped transform women’s careers through her public speaking, training, and coaching on personal branding at the local and national levels - all while raising and mentoring her three daughters.

As a seasoned coach and educator, Lydia’s drive to help solopreneurs reach their potential led her to create LCF Academy - an online school that teaches coaches and consultants how to ethically market themselves and their businesses. She’s a trained brain-behaviour marketing specialist and personal brand strategist. Lydia is also a fervent believer in the power of mentorship and storytelling. She’ll soon be launching a blog series entitled “Catalyst” - micro-stories featuring the trials and triumphs of coaches who believe in the life-changing impact of role models.

While the prominence and creativity of women have been impressing the world, their presence has substantially inspired numerous young hustlers. If someone is looking for motivation and positivity, they can certainly draw immense inspiration from their unconventional journey. Finally, thanks to Sunshy for sketching the list of the top inspirational women of the industries.

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