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ASX Launches ‘The Red Collective’: An Elite Team of Producers Writing Custom Theatrical Marketing and Advertising Music

Last updated Tuesday, March 23, 2021 14:14 ET , Source: ASX

Music licensing company, ASX Music, assembles a new team of elite producers and composers. Mind-blowing authentic, original bespoke music for music supervisors, ad agencies, trailer houses, and more.

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Today, ASX announces the first releases from their new Theatrical Marketing Label, The Red Collective. The Red Collective is an elite production team of in-house pop and orchestral composers, writers and producers. Red is the color of fire and blood, hunger and energy, strength and power - and it’s with this passion that The Red Collective create show-stopping works that take projects to the next level, for example the 5 brand-new albums being released to mark the launch.

The first of The Red Collective’s albums include Female Power Pop, Epic Action, Hip Hop Orchestral, Funky Retro Beats and Thrillerscape. Across these albums, listeners can expect pop perfection, flamboyant swagger, tales of violent villains and death-defying superhero melodrama.

Often, creators struggle to find outstanding, original tracks that hit every need for a project. We all know that music can make or break films, advertisements and more, and finding that which uplifts your project can be long and tiresome. The Red Collective go above and beyond the usual methods of creation as seen within their mantra:

“We create like children.

We refine like scientists.

We let go like warriors.

We act on our dreams.

We embrace artistic vulnerability.

We value the formula.

We dare to break it.

TOGETHER, we are unstoppable!”

ASX Music
ASX Music

When asked about The Red Collective’s creative approach, Orchestral lead producer, Jim Hustwit, remarks,“two heads are better than one and eight heads are better still. The Red Collective is about collaborating. Pooling ideas, knowledge and resources which elevates the music. We don't compete with each other, we compete with ourselves...to be the best we can possibly be”

The Red Collective’s Pop lead producer, erloom, adds “Whether I'm calling a fellow producer to check a mix, collaborating with a teammate or meeting to share new ideas, I'm constantly blown away by how impactful the music is with multiple people pushing the bar of excellence.”

The Red Collective’s first albums are available now, and the team are excited to continue creating and collaborating. The team is dedicated to creating incredible bespoke music, and this is just the beginning.

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The collective is the brainchild of ASX, where A-List Hollywood composers come together with the hottest indie bands and artists to craft mind-blowing, authentic film, game, advertising and TV music.

Unlike the limitations provided by generic stock music, ASX’s tracks are written, recorded and produced by real artists working in the industry. By offering real artists a chance to get their music into TV and Film, ASX has built relationships from the ground up with the intention of providing excellent music and ensuring that artists receive fair treatment. With their new similarity search technology, ASX are truly changing the game and creating innovative options for creators all over the globe.

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