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Wikisoft is Primed to Capitalize on the Lucrative Global Business Intelligence Industry

Last updated Wednesday, March 24, 2021 18:48 ET , Source: Wikisoft

Learn more about the organization and management team behind Wikiprofile, the revolutionary SAAS business intelligence and analytics solution for international business professionals.

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The global business intelligence industry worth $23.1 billion in 2020 is undergoing a period of rapid development and innovation being driven by the new landscape of remote work and the urgency for companies around the world to respond to market dynamics in real-time. This trajectory of growth is driving the industry to increase to a size of $33.3 billion by 2025 with a compound annual growth rate of 7.6% anticipated during that same period. As a segment of the global B2B software-as-a-solution industry, the business intelligence and analytics industry has undergone tremendous growth driven by the global need for companies to reduce costs by implementing technological innovations to address core challenges and opportunities.

The global need for business intelligence insights to influence data-driven decision making is precisely what motivated the management team behind Wikisoft (WSFT:US) to create a new game-changing SAAS platform for evaluating business professionals and organizations. Wikiprofile, Wikisoft’s flagship online platform creates a true “Wikipedia for business” that leverages the processing power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver a dynamic business intelligence resource for making informed decisions about investments, staffing decisions, and business development strategies.

Wikiprofile’s massive source of validated information about global business professionals and organizations far exceeds what competitors LinkedIn, Hired, and GlassDoor are able to offer. This innovative use of public information supercharged with the power to apply big data analytics in a profound new way creates a new set of tools and resources for business professionals around the world.

The management team behind Wikiprofile brings a wealth of experience in the SAAS industry working with subscription-based pricing models. Chairman Paul Quintal, Chief Executive Officer Karsten Kjems Falk, and Head of IT Oscar Gensmann are dedicated to participating in the long-term growth and success of Wikisoft. Wikisoft trades under the stock symbol (WSFT:US).

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