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5 Best Essay Writing Services Revealed For 2021

Last updated Friday, April 2, 2021 10:33 ET , Source: Grade Miners

Grade Miners Revealed 5 best essay writing services of2021 in the US. Read to know more about them.

New York, NY, United States, 04/02/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

Writer’s block is no joke. Every evening, thousands of students in the USA find themselves too tired and stressed out to write a single essay line. Also, receiving little to no support from teachers and instructors, many lose any interest in doing writing homework.

But what about course progress? GPA? Scholarships? These are some serious questions, while the so-called “we’ll do it for you” essay writing services are the instruments that can help get the answers.

We asked RankMyWriter, an allegedly unsponsored and unaffiliated aggregator of reviews on websites providing essay writing services, “supported by students for the like-minded peers,” what are the 5 reliable essay writing options to keep in view in 2021?

The top essay writing services to pick in 2021 are:

1. Grade Miners - best overall essay writing service.

2. Master Papers - most proficient ENL and ESL essay writers.

3. Private Writing - best customer confidentiality and no strings attached.

4. Pay For Essay - value for money that fits into the budget.

5. Same Day Essay - 1-hour delivery and overall proficient essay service.

What these services share in common are an above-average customer experience, competent writers, fast turnaround without any major details, easy order steps, and a strong money-back guarantee alongside affordable prices.

For more details, please see below.

1. Grade Miners


● Medium-range prices starting from $14.03

● Competent ENL writers

● 15% price-off for newcomers

● 60-min. deadline available

● 97% of papers delivered timely

● 24/7 customer support

● Positive customer feedback

● 50+ subjects covered

● Money-back guarantee

● “Big name” in the essay industry since 2001


● ESL writers for your lower price range orders

● Delays occur from time to time

● Revisions might take up to 14 days

● Have to pay more to get an essay fast

Grademiners.com is said to be among the leading essay writing services in 2021. The company is well-known in the industry and has allegedly been helping students with homework since 2004. The 24/7 customer support department follows the so-called WOW approach that aims to provide students with the best service in the niche.

What about writers?

Students and those who need services of custom essay writing can count on two types of writers offered on the website: strong ESL (English as a second language) writers and proper ENL specialists, all across 50+ subject matters.

For your cheaper orders, an ESL writer could be offered. If the money isn’t an issue, then it’s possible to recruit an ENL writer or an advanced ESL. It all depends on your budget, goals, and knowledge of English.

How fast?

Grademiners.com is known to be striving for leadership in such a parameter as essay writing turnaround. With a low percentage of missed deadlines - around 3% - the company shows determination when meeting customer deadlines.

A new essay can be written from scratch as fast as 1 hour. A more traditional deadline, 24-48 hours, is the industry standard. For your more complex papers, e.g., a dissertation or a thesis paper, a deadline of up to 2 months is available.

Order process

The order process is simple: fill out the order form, choose all the extra services available (1-page summary, top writer, plagiarism report, SMS updates, VIP order status, etc.), verify your order, and make a secure payment.

The lowest price is around $14.03 per page, which includes topic research, sources, APA/MLA/Chicago/Turabian style, drafting, editing, proofreading, formatting, and plagiarism check. For all the new customers, the company offers a 15% discount.

2. Master Papers


    ● In the market since 2004

    ● Hard-earned reputation

    ● Master’s level ENL and ESL writers

    ● 15% welcome bonus

    ● Swift turnaround

    ● 24/7 customer support

    ● 50+ types of college and uni papers to order

    ● Reliable customer security


    ● Writers are not cheap

    ● Averaging 5% missed deadlines

    ● Additional services raise the price

    ● Fits college and university students rather than high school

    Masterpapers.com is known to be a company designed to work on complex research papers for college/university-level students pursuing their Master’s and Doctorate qualifications. Although a high school student can also buy an essay on the website, it will be too costly. In general, the company is second best to Grademiners.com.


    Both ESL and ENL writers are available. The insiders confirm that the screening process is very thorough, aiming to hire real professional writers. Whether a student is a native English speaker or an international one, the managers of MasterPapers will help find the most qualified writer.

    When hiring writers, the company is known to put emphasis on the ability of writers to work on long-format research papers, e.g., a dissertation, a thesis paper, a capstone, coursework. In the U.S. alone, customers of the company use its services to buy such types of papers in the first place. Although it’s possible to purchase a quality essay, a dissertation would be a more popular service.

    Urgency and delivery

    Deadlines vary from 24 hours to 20 days. Numerous urgency options are available so that, depending on one’s budget and how soon a person wants work to be ready, different turnaround can be chosen.

    No major missed deadlines are known to be attributed to the website. The majority of customers confirm that the company does everything in its power to meet all deadlines, even desperate ones.

    Prices and money-back

    For nearly $19.06 per page, one can buy an MA-level college paper in Humanities, which will be done in 72 hours, including additional services. With a 15% first-time discount that all new customers get automatically, the final price becomes cheaper. American Express cards, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, are accepted as payment means as of 2021.

    3. Private Writing


      ● Privacy-first service

      ● Secure checkout since 2004

      ● Sometimes orders arrive ahead of schedule

      ● Good writers, ENL and ESL

      ● Communication with a writer

      ● 15% discount

      ● Essays pass Turnitin


      ● Privacy has to be paid for

      ● Some delays happen

      ● New design isn’t all too great

      As anyone could’ve guessed, judging from the company’s title, Privatewriting.com makes customer security its primary angle. In 2021, the website is allegedly one of the most secure available to students in the U.S. According to Privacy Policy and Terms And Conditions, 3rd parties have no access to any information about customers and their order details. The website is also protected by DMCA.

      Turnaround & delivery

      Turnaround and delivery are standard to what people usually expect from one of the top 5 essay writing providers. Buy an essay in 1 hour or a term paper in 10 days, or a dissertation in 60 days, for example. The percentage of missed deadlines is about 6%, which is still very low.

      Price & money-back

      It’s hard to say that Privatewriting.com is one of the cheapest essay writing services. On the contrary, it’s one of the expensive ones. Rates per page start at $16.14 in return for a college-level paper having a general deadline. e.g., 10 days. The financial security of customers is protected by a great money-back guarantee.

      As far as the order process, customers are kindly asked to fill out the form and make a safe payment on a separate checkout page. In a bank statement, only safe information will be featured regarding the intent of the money spent.

      4. Pay For Essay


        ● Designed for international students

        ● Reliable Privacy Policy and Terms And Conditions

        ● Best package of freebies

        ● Easy to track the order status with SMS updates

        ● Simple price calculator

        ● Useful how-to blogs


        ● Fewer subjects available

        ● Only a 10% discount for newcomers

        PayForEssay.net, also formally known as PFE, is one of the essay writing household names. Used mostly by international students who can’t keep up with the workload, PFE provides essay services of the utmost quality.

        Known for its no-plagiarism writing policy and all possible types of essays eligible to order, the company behind Pay For Essay has already gained a reputation as a reliable homework helper. The current satisfaction rate is amazing 97% in 2021.

        PFE writers

        Targeting international students, PFE is said to recruit mostly ESL-level writers with at least a year of professional essay writing experience and at least a Bachelor’s degree across a certain subject matter. For those students who are native English speakers, a group of more expensive ENL is also available.

        Sometimes, to pay for an essay less, even a native English-speaking student buys an essay at PFE from an ESL writer, which is a common budget-saving practice. Free communication with a writer is available free-of-charge, as well as a possibility to switch writers or request a preferred expert.

        Is it fast?

        From a couple of hours to a couple of months, different urgency of orders can be requested. Just as each of the top 5 websites depicted in this article, quick turnaround and low percentage of missed deadlines (3-5%) is a characteristic feature of this company as well. Less urgent homework costs less, naturally, so it’s a smart idea for customers to approach the company in advance.

        How to order & prices

        To buy a college essay across such a field as an MBA, for example, one will have to spend about $12.63 per page, with the selected urgency being 20 days. If a customer selects a 2-day deadline, for example, the price will be $20.16. In general, it’s said that a 5-7-day deadline is the best in terms of a writing pace and the final price for service.

        Unfortunately, PFE offers the smallest welcome bonus among the top 5 essay writing services. As a new customer, one can expect only a 10% welcome price-off. To pay for essays, credit/debit cards are accepted.

        5. Same Day Essay


          ● Super-quick essay delivery

          ● Low % of missed deadlines

          ● Delivery in advance

          ● Nice-looking website

          ● Informative blog content

          ● 24/7 customer support

          ● Prices starting from $10.52 per page

          ● Facebook group and Twitter community


          ● Alleged copyright allegations

          ● Only a 10% welcome discount

          ● Few ENL writers

          Samedayessay.com is a herald of writing “done for you” essays in 60 minutes or less. No other company before SDE, as it’s informally known, used to have a 1-hour delivery until the company did it in 2019. Since then, this feature became a go-to offer from all the leading players in the industry.

          Who are the writers?

          The writing team allegedly consists of highly-skilled ESL and real ENL writers. Whether the budget allows or not, it’s quite easy to pick a writer who’ll be a perfect match. Standard, top, and premium writers could be chosen to work on one’s order. Also, unlike other companies, even on the top 5 list, Same Day Essay checks newly written papers via Copyscape.

          If a customer wants a writer with whom they worked before, it’s enough to specify a writer’s I.D. on the order page to have them work on the order. Communicating with a specialist who’s being currently assigned on order is free.


          As we’ve already mentioned, the service from this company is fast and on-time. Deadlines vary from 1 hour to several months for the longer types of papers, which is, just like with the best companies on our list, quite standard for the industry in 2021.

          Order form and prices

          The Same Day Essay service is the cheapest among the best essay writing companies recommended by Rankmywriter.com for 2021. Prices start from only $10.52 per page, which is very cheap. To buy an essay, a customer will be asked to pay in full. Credit/debit cards, as well as Discover, can be used to pay for an essay on a secure checkout page.

          Speaking about the order process, it’s plain and simple. First, fill the order form out, then choose extra services, if needed, then verify the order, and then, finally, make a payment. Free revisions for 14-30 days and a solid money-back guarantee are included in the rate.


          Such companies as Grade Miners, Master Papers, Private Writing, Pay For Essay, and Same Day Essay are announced to be the top 5 essay writing services for 2021, according to Rankmywriter.com.

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