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Jordan Langhorne: Leading American Sports Cards Investor is Exploring Within The Sports Card Market

Last updated Sunday, April 4, 2021 13:22 ET , Source: Jordan Langhorne

His new direction regarding the sports cards grading will help the investors & collectors get more value for their cards.

San Francisco, CA, United States, 04/04/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

San Francisco, CA, USA - April 3, 2021: Globally renowned sports cards collector and self-made African-American Entrepreneur, Jordan Langhorne has proudly announced that he is exploring and expanding the possibilities within the sports card market. At only 18 years of age, the California based entrepreneur has made a fortune in the world of memorabilia and is becoming an inspiration to the sports cards collectors worldwide. Jordan has recently introduced a whole new direction in the grading of sports cards, which is promising and will help the collectors to maximize the value and potential of their sports cards.

“Traditionally, sports card collectors and investors have stuck with the normal card condition grade to maximize the value and potential of a card.” Said Jordan Langhorne in a recent interview, while talking about the traditional ways collectors use to get their memorabilia recognized in value. “I had the honor of having the legendary Jerry Rice sign my 1986 Topps Rookie Card, which inspired me to take this new direction and approach.” He added. Jordan is also the CEO and Founder of Bay Area Sports Cards, and he loves to invest in sports memorabilia, especially authentic sports cards.

After getting the card signed by the NFL legend, Jordan got the autograph authenticated by the experts at Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA). In addition, he also got the autograph graded, which received a perfect Gem Mint 10. According to Jordan, the population report as of April 2021 is just under 300, which is very appealing to collectors and investors who are looking for rarer cards. Besides collecting rare sports cards and getting them verified for a better value, Jordan also holds expertise in trading stocks.

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