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Israel IT Featured as Top Custom Software Development Company in Israel

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Israel IT Featured as Top Custom Software Development Company in Israel

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Israel IT is a custom software development company that has been working in the field of custom software development services since 2017. The company is known for being one that creates effective startups and provides affordable services for SMBs. It also works with more than 15 expertises and has access to the best IT talents which is the key feature of its success?

Why Did Israel IT Become #1 in Israel Among Other Custom Software Development Companies?

Israel IT offers its customers fast, efficient, and high-quality solutions. For example, before starting work on a project, the Israel IT team conducts market research and uses this to offer the precise solution that will make the product competitive and profitable.

Then the customer will be presented with the product from a technical and practical point of view so that one can look at it from different angles. The next is the development and testing phase. Before launching the product, legal consultation is given in order to ensure that the product is not only high quality but also legally sound.

Once launched, the company will continue to support and improve the product. It is thanks to this approach that the company was recognized as number 1 in Israel by the Clutch platform. Israel IT customers also identified the following among the main benefits.

· No need to have the technical knowledge to become a customer.

· Saves time and money - about 60% savings on tax costs.

· The company also guarantees full transparency of payment - the customer gets all receipts on hand.

· Fast hiring of your team, and access to the best IT talent that the company's recruiters will find for you.

· Specialists receive all the benefits for employees.

Global Reason to Deliver Custom Software Development Services

The company's mission is to provide small and medium-sized businesses with outsourcing services, for a reasonable price. The founders of the company themselves wanted to order software development services, but the market could not meet their needs due to the high cost of services and a lack of required expertise. 

Now, thanks to custom software development from Israel ІТ, small and medium-sized businesses can order outsourcing services and develop their business. Just imagine the impact that custom software development companies could have if they become more accessible to businesses.

Israel IT’s Expertise as a Custom Software Development Company

The world of technology is constantly and dynamically growing. Companies that provide custom software development services need to constantly keep an eye on the pulse and be aware of the latest technologies and their applications. But in addition to knowledge of the latest technologies, companies must also be able to find and encourage the cooperation of professionals who own certain technologies. The expertise of Israel IT includes:

● Enterprise Software Development

● Web Design

● SaaS

● Quality Assurance

● Web Development

● Blockchain

● Big Data

● Business Analytics

● Business Intelligence

● Data Science

● DevOps

● Apps Search Optimization

● Cyber Security

● Industry 4.0

● Marketing

● Internet of Things

Owners of SMBs and startups most often turn to custom software development companies. More than 180 projects have been completed on the Israel IT account (as of March 2021)!

Why do Startups Choose Custom Software Development Services by Israel IT?

According to Embroker, the main problems of startups are:

1st place. There was no need in the market. In 42% of cases, startups close precisely because, even if they assembled a dream team, create a great product, solution, service, etc., their product or service was not demanded by anyone.

2nd place. Out of money. Finding funding is a very important issue for those teams that do not want to end up like the 29% of startups have ceased to exist due to lack of funds.

3rd place. Inappropriate team. A balanced team, with a specialist competent for each key task, is essential. This may or may not be the key to success - as we know, there are many other factors. But the lack of such a team is the reason for the defeat of startups in 23% of cases.

4th place. Defeated in competition. Despite the well-known saying that "startups should not look to competitors", in 19% of cases, startups failed when they went up against their competition.

5th place. Problems in pricing and cost. It is important to set the price of the product high enough for the revenue from its sale. It is needed to cover costs and profits, and low enough for potential customers to pay attention to it. In 18% of cases, startups failed to find such a balance, which led to the closure of the business.

Israel IT has researched the pain points of startups. So, it offers not only a solution to the technical aspect but also:

● The startup gets access to innovation, which allows it to compete with other startups in the market.

Side view. Your startup will be considered in terms of success, practicality, demand, and competitiveness.

Alternative. You, as the owner of a startup, have an idea, but not a technical way for implementing it. Custom software development from Israel IT has significant experience in developing just for startups. And will offer an alternative implementation path just for your startup.

Looking for a Custom Software Development Company? Choose Israel IT!

At Israel IT, every customer is valued and provided with only transparent and high-quality services. Customer feedback has played a huge role in this, with many testimonials speaking to the quality of the company.

“While going through the hiring process I was very impressed by the qualification level of the people they brought to the table. They deliver a great service!”

Dan Klipstein

Founder & CEO of ValueCard

“This cooperation contributed to our company a large and established team of professionals. Also, a significant cost reduction in comparison with Israel”

Ohad Betzaig

Founder&CEO of Straffic

As a Custom Software Development Company, Israel IT Offers:

● Assembling Personal Teams

● Full Management Control

● Team Scalability

● Optimized Operational Processes

● Work Plan Flexibility

Those are the constituent elements of a proven strategy that helps your product to become both high quality and effective. The approach to custom software development services is changing on the part of both clients and companies. This vividly illustrates Israel IT’s own example and proves that outsourcing services can be high quality and affordable at the same time. Learn more about Israel IT on their website, https://israelit.uk.

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