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DHI Hair Transplant Turkey: Cost & Benefits - MedHair Clinic

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Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) Hair Transplant Turkey: Everything you need to know about DHI hair transplant in Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey, 04/06/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

Many men suffer from visible receding hairlines at a young age. Initially, the problem can be masked with appropriate hairstyles, but this "treatment" is not a permanent solution. The larger the advice angles and the more they widen towards the top of the head, the more difficult it becomes to distract the eye from losing hair.

Hairline correction gives new self-confidence and is a form of hair transplant Turkey that is the only long-term solution to receding hairlines. Celebrities such as Elton John, Jude Law, or Mel Gibson have already had the minimally invasive aesthetic procedure carried out and are now looking forward to new hair growth.

Heartbreakers John Travolta, Matthew McConaughy and Silvester Stallone, Kevin Costner, Jami Foxx, and Sean Penn were also guests in a hair clinic and are not afraid to stand up for their hair transplant against a receding hairline. Aesthetic interventions such as hair transplantation are as socially acceptable today as wrinkle injections with botox or a nose correction.

Those who are not naturally gifted with an attractive and symmetrical hairline or who are confronted with hair loss over time can help without hesitation and have their aesthetics restored by treating the Medhair Clinic. There are numerous celebrities, and more and more people from "normal life" opt for the painless procedure with reliable results.

The positive Medhair Clinic experiences are based on professionalism and service.

Medhair Clinic is an internationally recognized clinic in Istanbul that enables European, USA, and Arabic patients, among other things, to take advantage of modern hair transplantation procedures, to benefit from the first-class service, and to save a lot of money compared to treatment in Europe.

At Medhair Clinic, the focus is always on the patient - this relates to their wishes, needs, and fears. Interested patients can contact an English, German, Arabic, French-speaking employee via WhatsApp. Please note: Medhair Clinic only offers the necessary treatment. If a hair transplant does not make sense, an alternative is provided.

After submitting photos of the hair situation, an estimate will be made quickly. The price mentioned includes all services apart from the flight - the package includes airport transfers, detailed preliminary and debriefing meetings, medication, the surgery lasting several hours, special shampoo and lotion, and headband and hat for the first days after the hair transplant. Besides, Medhair Clinic customers are paid for the night at the 5 Star Hotels. On-site communication is in English, and a German, French, Arabic translator can be provided to patients on request. Medhair Clinic offers a 30-year guarantee and lifelong follow-up care for every treatment.

Thanks to the comprehensive service packages, the concentration on individual concerns, and the outstanding price-performance ratio, Medhair Clinic enjoys a recommendation rate of 99 percent. It has so far been able to satisfy 20,000 patients - including many from Europe and from the USA. Half of the patients had decided in advance for a hair transplant, the other half for hair pigmentation.

Medhair Clinic DHI Hair Transplantation - Gentle Method without a Distinctive Scar

Medhair clinics generally use the DHI hair transplant technique. In Turkey, however, the FUT method is mainly used, which is considered out of date. In DHI's hair transplantation, the specialist takes minimal hair units (grafts) directly from the donor area (hair ring) using the most delicate hollow needle. This means that there is no need to cut out a strip of skin with grafts.

If the hair operation with DHI technology was successful, trendy short hairstyles are even possible for patients afterward. The smallest micro-scars, which arise during the extraction, cannot be recognized if an experienced surgeon carries out the operation.

The innovative Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) technique is a kind of hair transplant in Turkey, in which a special CHOI Implanter Pen is used. The modern surgical device is hollow, picks up the graft, and inserts it directly into the scalp. Thus, both procedures (extraction/implantation) are combined.

Patients Share Their Experiences with Medhair Clinic in Turkey

Patients with excessive hair loss interested in hair repositioning in Istanbul can find numerous testimonials online, mainly on YouTube. Satisfied patients document their trip and hair transplant with a video.

Also, updates on DHI hair transplants are posted showing the growth in phases such as the beginning, after 3 and 6 months, and the end result after approximately 12 months.

The Cost of a Direct Hair Implantation

If you decide to have a DHI hair transplant, you will generally have to expect slightly higher costs than your own conventional hair transplant. However, there is no general answer to the question of what precisely the surgical procedure costs.

In Europe and the USA, patients have to dig deep into their pockets for cash. An average procedure costs between 3,000 and 9,000 euros. In most cases, sufferers are left with the total cost of a hair transplant. The health insurance company only steps in in exceptional circumstances.

Hair transplants in Turkey are all the more popular. Istanbul, in particular, is a magnet for the renowned Medhair clinic. Trained Medhair Clinic surgeons with many years of professional experience are based in the famous Turkish city.

An attractive address for hair loss patients is the Medhair Clinic under the direction of chief physician Dr. Sirvan. Here patients pay significantly less than at comparable USA and Europe institutes. The final amount will, of course, depend on the number of transplant methods desired. Also, beard and eyebrow transplants are on the treatment program - of course, also at reasonable prices.

Despite Corona Hair Transplant in Turkey

All hair transplants that had been planned since Jun 2020 were implemented on schedule despite the pandemic. Turkey is a travel destination that implements the hygiene concepts laid down very meticulously and thoroughly. This is mainly ensured by the strict controls of the responsible ministries (tourism/health).

Anyone wishing to enter the country as a patient must therefore pay particular attention to two aspects:

  • In Europe and Asia, check-in can only occur if the airline is presented with a negative PCR test. This can be done in this country for about 30 euros.
  • A current PCR test is also required at the terminal before departure from Turkey.

Medhair Clinic organizes this test together with the patients in Istanbul in an accredited international test center. However, many of the patients here spend around two weeks off after their hair operation to wait for the transplants to heal. This takes care of the mandatory quarantine.

Conclusion | DHI Hair Implantation Ensures Convincing Results

You would like to have an effective treatment against your hair loss and have decided that a hair transplant is an optimal solution? Then you should take a closer look at the DHI method and find out about the advantages of the direct hair implant. Save money by opting for a hair transplant in Turkey.

Treatment in a renowned hair clinic is already a significant advantage that you can opt for when it comes to having your hair transplanted. The high growth rate, the painless procedure with the most modern techniques, and the many years of experience of the treatment team speak for themselves. With the DHI method, you will achieve the best and most natural results. Your hair will grow back very densely and in its natural direction throughout the recipient area.

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