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Astute Capital PLC. Wins Most Innovative Product Award At The ADVFN International Financial Awards

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Astute Capital PLC takes home the prize for the most innovative product, at ADVFN.

Bristol, United Kingdom, 04/09/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

Astute Capital PLC (Astute) is delighted to announce that it has won the ADVFN International Financial Award 2021 for the most innovative product. Astute has been recognised for its innovative approach to creating investment opportunities for its clients, most recently on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange through the use of listed secure asset backed bonds.

The 2021 ADVFN International Financial Awards recognise and celebrate the best of breed products and services from across the financial industry, both nationally and internationally.

Since its launch in 2016, Astute Capital has successfully grown its lending business through raising capital via its publicly listed bond programmes on Euronext Dublin and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The business gives its investors access to above-average, asset-backed returns, facilitated by its expertise in lending to Real Estate. Astute Works with companies that offer solid security but are perhaps restricted by timescales or multi asset security packages which larger banks simply won’t consider.

“Over the last few years, we have seen our business grow and remain resilient despite the current pandemic”, said Richard Symonds, Managing Director of Astute. “We are delighted to receive this award and it provides further credibility to our business model. We believe in offering attractive investment products as well as being open to grow our loan business”.

Astute Capital has firmly established itself within this niche, allowing it to achieve strong returns supported by a robust security structure and lending policies. The management team is comprised of experienced industry experts. This ensures that strict corporate governance and compliance is maintained at all times. Their structure includes a credit committee with independent members and supported by an entirely independent Risk and Oversight Committee made up of solicitors and compliance advisors.

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