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HandmadeWriting - Professional Essay Writer Service - Redesigned Website

Last updated Sunday, April 18, 2021 14:00 ET , Source: HandmadeWriting

HandmadeWriting launches a new and better website design to make it more efficient for users.

Chicago, IL, United States, 04/18/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

HandmadeWriting, a renowned essay writing service, have just launched their new and improved website design. Such an update was intended to make the journey of the platform’s users more straightforward and efficient.

Today, the demand for top-notch writing services is visibly increasing. Students from institutions worldwide seek reliable writing professionals to help them. The flow of essays and assignments never stops, and this doesn’t leave professional essay writers without work.

In the early days of essay writing service providers, the emphasis was put on helping people write essays, and it still is. However, not much attention was paid to the students’ online journey on essay writing websites. This caused a backlog of issues as students needing help with their essays would find the platforms too confusing to navigate. Many of them would eventually leave online writing platforms frustrated and unsatisfied.

Today, the best essay writing service platforms are the ones that simplify the process of interaction between customers and an essay writer. Service founders observed the difficulties that customers experienced when trying to place orders and discovered that many potential clients were falling through the cracks because of several principal issues. They included the following:

● Professional essay writing service websites had too rigid interfaces, which put users off and caused them to look for other options;

● Users either had a hard time finding the order section of the platform or had to deal with an uncomfortable and intrusive order button;

● Platforms had too much text, illegible font sizes, and minimal visual appeal due to weak design solutions;

● Websites had unconvincing home pages;

● There were dull price calculators that further took away from the aesthetic appeal of websites;

● Users needed a way to communicate with the essay writer instantly, while some platforms still used outdated email communication methods.

HandmadeWriting intended to break the barriers of the essay writing space entry for college students. Their team also wanted to capture a sizable chunk of the market share for returning customers by assigning a professional essay writer for you. But without a conducive online platform for individuals to interact with, the plans would not come to fruition. Research proves that investing in UX can yield up to 9,900% ROI. So the company invested heavily in designing a friendlier user interface and boosting customer experience.

The new HandmadeWriting website design is poised to solve the usability issues mentioned above. It launches a smoother and refreshed look compared to the previous HandmadeWriting website. The company also boasts of several essential modifications and upgrades of its old design, including;

● An improved price calculator with distinct colors that will help users with color-related visual impairments interact with the platform unaided;

● A call to action that lets users hire an essay writer in four easy steps;

● An order button that is neatly tucked away beside the hamburger menu on smaller screens (mobiles and split desktop browsers), thereby serving its purpose without being intrusive;

● A more effective navigation bar than that present in the former design;

● An artificial intelligence (AI)-driven chatbot that connects users with the essay writer for faster resolution of issues and delivery of orders;

● A more straightforward approach to informing users about the services available to them on the online platform.

HandmadeWriting claims that college students needing help with their essays can get solutions faster than before with these significant improvements. The company also intends to leverage the new experience and skills of every essay writer to improve their 97% satisfaction rate. The goal is to have every customer who interacts with the brand fulfilled.

HandmadeWriting’s experts also worked on the improvement of custom essay writing service for their clients. This service provides formatting of customers’ essays based on their requirements, flexible pricing and one-on-one interaction with their writers. The team’s solution ensures that customers get articles in line with their requirements. Other services that the team renders to overseas students looking to buy essays are:

Free Revisions

Almost every online essay writer or service provider claims to produce error-free work. However, it is impossible to get 100% perfect essays all the time. Human beings slip up now and then. So the HandmadeWriting team found a way around this problem by making its revision process free. It intends to boost credibility and accessibility and be more relatable by ensuring any errors or changes students require in essays will not cost them anything.

Academic Writing

The company seeks to be the go-to for students needing professional help with their academic work. To achieve this, they had to look beyond writing essays; they had to solve the needs of 33% of students in the US that have never written a long paper before. So the professional essay writers started helping students with various academic writing tasks. The range of provided services includes theses, speeches, dissertations, term papers, articles, etc.


Not every student needs help to write their essays from scratch. Many students can write decent university assignments themselves, yet editing seems trickier. HandmadeWriting noticed this fact and opened its doors to students needing editors. This service intends to cater to students with articles and essays that are almost ready for submission. The editor’s role is to work with an essay writer to remove errors and plagiarized bits of written papers.

The Bottom Line

The need for reliable essay writing services cannot be overstated. With the workload that students have to shoulder today, they need all the help they can get. HandmadeWriting sought to put those needs first and came up with a creative solution. Their team made excellent customer service one of its goals for 2021 and that was what triggered the website redesign that will attract more students looking for a dedicated essay writer.

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