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Gerard Bryceland Celebrates Expansive Artist Career throughout UK Museums

Last updated Tuesday, April 20, 2021 07:00 ET

A Leading Freelance Artist with Over 20 Years of Experience in Portraits

London, United Kingdom, 04/20/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

London, UK - 20th April 2021 – Gerard Bryceland, a leading freelance artist celebrates his expansive artist career throughout UK museums with a whole bunch of artwork in Local Scotland museums. With a career spanning over two decades, Gerard is regularly commissioned to do paintings and portraits of people and their families. His passion for art ignited when he was a child and started drawing his friends and family just for fun. And as he got older he got better at it and his friends and family members insisted on getting their portraits done. It was just a few years since then, he became one of the noted portrait artists in Kent. Gerard is just 35 years old and celebrates a career that most in the field struggle to do.

Portrait paintings are very difficult as capturing a person is far more challenging than capturing a still object. There are very few people who make a name for themselves in this field and Gerard Bryceland is one of them. Portraits are highly compelling as the artist is not just painting an individual but his or her personality and mood. It is the visual representation and the essence of the subject. A portrait reveals a lot of things about the subject and only a true artist can capture the expressions with clever use of colors and hues.

Also known as Gerry, Gerard Bryceland is also seen offering tips to budding artists on how to excel at portrait painting and self-portraits. The first suggestion is that artists should not obsess over getting a perfect image of a person or self. It is all about feeling as much as drawing in order to achieve a stimulating or fascinating portrait. Today, there is a multitude of tools to work with such as oil pastels, colored pencils, etc. However, Gerry also suggests the artists go old school with a piece of charcoal or graphite to give the portrait authenticity.

Portraits are all about capturing the technicalities in their most natural forms whether it is a facial expression or the gestures, clothing or the setting, the background of the objects surrounding the subject. Gerry Bryceland is an incredibly talented artist who can depict his artwork in its truest form. Although he has his own distinct style, Gerard never hesitates to explore and experiment with other styles too with a combination of unconventional colors, brush strokes, and more. A self-taught artist that Gerry is, his portraits are well received not just by his clients but museums across the UK. He is an artist who carefully crafts and captures as many visual clues as possible to narrate a story that belongs to the subject.

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About Gerard Bryceland

Gerard Bryceland is a portrait artist based at Maidstone, Kent. Gerard’s career spans over 20 years and is now one of the best and leading freelance artists. He has worked with several families not just in the UK but Spain, Portugal, Russia, and Vietnam.



Gerard Bryceland

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