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Gratton Warehouse Receives The Best Of Omaha B2B for 2021

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Gratton Warehouse Company is a winner in The Best of Omaha B2B for 3rd Party Logistics for 2021!

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April 24, 2021 -- Gratton Warehouse Company is a winner in The Best of Omaha B2B for 3rd Party Logistics for 2021! They are proud to receive this award, which in turn, is a testament for their outstanding service to their clients and the public as part of Omaha Magazine's annual competition.

About Gratton Warehouse

Gratton Warehouse Company is a family owned business that was started in 1894.

After founder and great grandfather Charles Harrison Gratton left the President’s role at Union Pacific Railroad, he began Gratton Warehouse Company. Today, this 127-year old company is a 4th generation Omaha, Nebraska warehouse providing third-party logistics (3PL) services, product distribution globally, and inventory management.

Gratton Warehouse Values

Gratton Warehouse Company commitment to its values means they believe in consistent communication, security, accountability, integrity, and positivity in all their work.

As the first Nebraska warehouse business, they have learned how to serve their customers better. The Gratton Warehouse team works with companies every step of the way to develop a tailored order fulfillment strategy for your organization.

Gratton Warehouse Capabilities

  • Customer Support

  • Personalized pick, pack, ship services

  • Inventory Management

  • EDI capable

  • Integration of E-commerce

  • Security

  • Custom Order services

  • Temperature controlled warehouses

  • Manage transportation

  • Real-time inventory information and order status

Logistics and Gratton Warehouse: What Makes Them the Best

Gratton Warehouse assists retailers and manufacturers with logistics, both small and large, to store and distribute their goods. Their specialty lies in providing large-scale, tailored integrated warehousing and distribution services.

Gratton Warehouse prioritizes efficiency and productivity. They do this by exploring new ways to make shipping affordable, finding appropriate inventory or transport management, and ensuring happier customers.

Why Inventory Management

One of the biggest downfalls for many businesses is the inability to manage their inventory effectively. Inventory mismanagement can result in unhappy customers in the waiting turnaround time for products. Companies can also end up with stock no longer in demand, which costs more than it's worth.

At Gratton Warehouse, they take pride in attention to detail and keeping up with the current technology. Their warehouse management services use the latest, recommended platform called SmartView. The technology is the first cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) and could be the solution to fewer returns.

Gratton Warehouse uses this service to streamline the whole process and ensure correct order fulfillment on the first attempt.

Great Customer Service

Gratton Warehouse has been in the logistics industry for a long time and knows how important it is to keep customers happy. This dedication means they ensure they meet all orders as fast and correctly as possible. The capability to deliver on this is within their set up of well-organized warehouses.

Gratton Warehouse Offers Less Risk

Gratton Warehouse's priority of efficient logistics means that your inventory is less at risk. For instance, perishable products might not be a job best left to someone else to manage. Instead, they offer warehouses where you can maintain control and that suit your inventory needs. This allowance can mean a world of difference to avoid damage or expiration.

Another business benefit in choosing Gratton Warehouse is more price stability. Prices will not shift as much as you remove all other manufacturers and distributors from the process. Your business will be solely in control.

Packing and Processing

Another service offering of Gratton Warehouse is packaging and processing. They provide a centralized place to package and process all orders coming in and goods going out. Simplifying this process is a great way to ensure your business has more flexibility and control.

Public Warehouse vs. 3PL Company: What's The Difference

Understanding the distinction between a public warehouse vs. a 3PL company can be confusing. A public warehouse would fulfill a specific need in the production and distinction line.

Comparatively, third-party logistics services include a more comprehensive array of logistics-related offerings such as packaging, IT services, transportation, and more.

3PL Specific Services Offered

  • Warehouse services in varied locations that allow easier target market access

  • Integrated distribution networks that facilitate smoother, more straightforward transportation means

  • Inventory Management services

  • Fulfillment

  • Cross-docking

  • Aftermarket support

  • Installation

  • End-to-end supply chain solutions

  • Deconsolidation

  • Home Delivery Services

For any business seeking a more efficient, successful production and distribution process, a 3PL warehouse would help you. 3PL providers allow businesses to evade high warehouse facilities costs and lessen overheads. It also provides for more outstanding inventory management to deliver on your promises, much to the satisfaction of your customers.

Get In Touch

If you are considering a 3PL warehouse, contact Gratton Warehouse for more details on how they could help your business. They are proud to have achieved the Best of Omaha B2B Award for 2021 and will continue to do their best to meet all the clients' needs and more.

At Gratton Warehouse, they have a dedicated staff who work hard and constantly strive to deliver exceptional service. Lastly, they would like to say a big thank you to everyone who voted for them to win the Best of Omaha B2B Award. The staff at Gratton Warehouse is so grateful for your support and proud to have achieved this award.

About The Best of Omaha

The Best of Omaha award is a competition that hosts more than 900 business nominees each year. This competition receives at least 25,000 electronic ballots each year in over 300 categories. Today, the Best of Omaha B2B award logo is a well-known and trusted symbol in Omaha. It lets people know which services and businesses are the best according to the public. The Gratton Warehouse staff was honored to receive this award.


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