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Water Softener Solutions Now Offers Salt Free Water Softeners

Last updated Thursday, April 29, 2021 15:00 ET , Source: Water Softener Solutions

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Water Softener Solutions announced their new line of salt-free water softeners. This website specializes in the best water softener reviews and products on the market. So why do you need a salt free water softener? Water that you receive from public utilities will be clean and filtered, but can still contain dissolved minerals, mostly calcium and magnesium salts, making the water hard. These salts build up limescale deposits in household water systems, leading to the blocking of pipes, preventing lather from soaps, and damage to water heaters. Water softeners remove these minerals or render them harmless.

How do Water Softeners Work?

Water softening involves a process of exchanging ions that can remove both magnesium and calcium. In the ion exchange a polymer resin bed that is negatively charged replaces the ions of calcium and magnesium with sodium, thus leading to water becoming soft. Salts are also used for cleaning the softener and allow the resin bed to regenerate. Regeneration leads to sodium ions which are positively charged to replace the trapped minerals and the concentration of hard water is flushed down the drain. Salts have to be added every few months in a separate salt tank for the process to continue. The ionization process requires the use of electricity.

There are other softeners that do not use salts for the water softening. What these saltless water softeners do is that they do not remove the hard water minerals but instead alter their chemical structure so that they will not stick together and adhere to pipes and other surfaces. So the minerals that cause hardness remain in the water, leading to water that is conditioned but not actually softened. As a result, hardness deposits can still form in places or appliances that retain water for a time.

The Advantage of Using Salt Free Water Softeners

Salt Free Water softeners do not require you to add any salts at regular intervals. There is also no waste of water as there is no need to backwash the accumulated minerals. This saves water and can be of help in areas that have water shortages. There is no need to have a drain nearby. Water softeners of this type do not need any electricity, so you do not have to look around for an electric socket nearby, and spend money on electricity. Soft water feels slippery and this is the result of the sodium in the water. Water that has gone through a saltless softener still retains the minerals, though in crystal form, and does not give this feeling.

These softeners require almost no maintenance as there are no salt water tanks to fill or resin beds that need to be regenerated. The mineral content remains in your water making it good to drink. Soft water minus the minerals can cause health problems or will need to be fortified in other ways for drinking.

The Best Saltless Water Softeners

You will find a whole range of salt-less water softeners available on the market. They also come in a wide range of prices. You must be aware of the hardness levels in the water that you are supplied with to decide on the softener that will be best for you. This can determine the type of filters that will suit, and the capacity of the softener so that it works best. You can install such softeners for a whole house or for a particular use.

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A higher hardness will mean that you need a higher-end salt-free softener. So, if your water does not have very high level of hardness you can go for budget softeners. These softeners do need to have their filters changed, and the best one for you will be that recommends changes after longer periods.

You can find reviews of the best saltless water softeners on the internet and it is up to you to go through them and decide on the one that best suits your requirement both in quality of water and price.

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