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Welthee Announces Key Global Partnerships

Last updated Thursday, April 29, 2021 07:00 ET , Source: ThronePR

The digital investment fund is expanding its services exponentially

Cluj, Romania, 04/29/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

Digital investment fund Welthee has announced a series of strategic partnerships that are set to expand its services globally. The fund operates as a blockchain platform that offers multiple passive income streams with no commission fees.

After completing its development team with international talent, Welthee has partnered with BRD wallet for its key infrastructure solutions. Dexter Plus will also be joining the project as the main electronics supplier.

On the marketing side, the team is set to expand its reach through new partnerships with local and international firms. Besides continuing to work with Vandy Brand Consulting and Design Strategy, Welthee has partnered with acclaimed director Tedy Necula’s Inspirational Agency. Internationally, New York’s influential Throne PR will provide support across Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia to ensure the implementation of the project’s communication strategies worldwide.

These partnerships are expected to continue as Welthee continues to grow. The team has shared its outlook on what’s to come: “Going forward, we plan to finalize new partnerships that will allow us to implement aspects of our vision in terms of social and environmental responsibility, which we will make public in the near future. We assure you of our continued efforts in bringing this exceptional project to fruition; one that will revolutionize the way people interact with the crypto investment market.”

About Welthee

Welthee is a disruptive, zero commission and up to 0% risk wealth creation platform that empowers users with access to multiple streams of income. Welthee is the Future of Financial Freedom. To learn more, visit https://welthee.com/.

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