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Romantic Getaways in Florida - Kiss Underwater in the Florida Keys

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Planning a tour with your better half? Or looking for an amazing place for your honeymoon? Check out these beautiful resorts in Florida to enjoy your holiday.

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While other cities and towns might attract you for spending time with your better half, we must tell you that Florida is the sunshine state you wish to visit. Whether it is about spending time soaking up the sun or admiring the history of the town, Florida can never let you down.

With plenty of cities, towns, and islands to visit, Florida offers you the romantic getaway you need. So, if you are planning to escape with your partner for a while, we have got you covered.

Here are the top romantic resorts to visit in Florida:

Romantic Getaways in Florida

  • Watch the Sunset on St. Pete Beach

If you are a sunset lover, St. Pete Beach is your paradise. Believe us, the romance at St. Pete Beach in Florida is unmistakable. The view of the sunset along with cold cocktails can take your breath away. You can either head to the rooftop of Hurricane on the Pass a Grille section of the beach or listen to live music at Paradise Grill and experience the bliss alongside your partner.

Where to stay? You can stay at the Don CeSar Hotel which has a sandcastle ambiance. This will make you feel like living in royalty.

  • Climb the Lighthouse on Key Biscayne

Have you ever dreamt of climbing a lighthouse with your partner? Key Biscayne can make this wish off your bucket list. There's nothing more romantic than climbing 109 steps of this historic lighthouse. The outstanding panorama of the ocean will make you forget that you climbed many steps.

Where to stay? The Ritz Carlton on Key Biscayne is seven miles from Miami. You can relax in the island vibe with excellent service and amazing waterfront dining options.

  • Kiss Underwater in the Florida Keys

The only living vital barrier reef in the Florida Keys is a 120 mile Island chain that gives you once in a lifetime diving and snorkeling experience.

You can snorkel your way through schools of brightly colored fishes at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park to Spiegel Grove. Make this more exciting by kissing underwater amidst the vibrant ecosystem.

Where to stay? The Little Palm Island Resort and Spa is the nearest to this destination. With Crusoe-styled thatched roofs and suites, it offers you an unforgettable experience.

  • Visit Lovers Key in Southwest Florida

The Lovers Key State Park is made especially for romantic couples near Fort Myers. You can have a laid-back picnic on the beach sand while admiring the wildlife from manatees to dolphins.

Where to stay? The South Seas Island Resort is only a short boat ride away from the location. You can either stay in a beach villa or private homes depending on your comfort.

  • Take a Horse Drawn Carriage Ride in St. Augustine

What can be more romantic than a horse-drawn carriage? Bask in the old school romance and explore the historic city of St. Augustine with your beloved. The carriages will take you from the centuries-old architecture and rustic streets giving you a memory you will never forget.

Where to stay? The Casa Monica in St.Augustine offers you the Spanish architecture and romantic ambiance you need for your blissful escape.

We hope we gave you ample ideas to make your romantic getaway memorable. Let us how it went for you as we bring you more such posts!

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