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Wedding Planner - A New Mobile Tool that Makes Preparations Easier

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Wesele z Klasą, a Polish wedding planning company, introduces Wedding Planner, an online tool to plan your wedding.

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The strong trend towards the digitalization of services hasn't bypassed the wedding sector. Wesele z klasą came up with an innovative mobile solution that simplifies the planning of the ceremony and makes it more enjoyable at the same time.

Wedding planning requires a lot of discipline and logistics. It's challenging to have all the dates, deadlines, and tasks under control, particularly if the future bride and groom take care of the preparations on their own.

What if it was possible to have all the wedding details literally at the fingertips? Wesele z Klasą has decided to figure that out, developing an app that introduces a new quality to the sector. It allows simplifying the whole preparation process while keeping maximum control over it. Thanks to it, the couple doesn't need to write down all the important information and consult it with an assistant at every step. Task lists, orders, and contacts are all available at one swipe.

What are the most innovative features of the app?

Task lists

It's difficult to remember all the to-dos - and forgetting even one can have negative implications on the ceremony. The mobile wedding planner solves this problem, allowing the user to plan the tasks step by step. Once completed, the couple can mark it as done. The task lists are easy to navigate and intuitive - the wedding planner divides them into stages. That feature helps with operating within the time frames. At the same time, it provides the future bride and groom with a sense of control over the process.

Budget control

Couples often lose sleep over the expenses tied to the organization of the ceremony. The app helps to keep track of them and estimate the overall budget. Users can add the costs and divide them into groups.

Guestlist planning

It's relatively easy to lose counts, particularly if the wedding ceremony will be a big event with dozens or even hundreds of guests. The mobile wedding planner can be helpful with keeping track of the changes on the guest list. The users can add and remove guests whenever it's necessary.

Besides, the guests can be grouped in accordance with the criteria specified by the couple. That can provide them with the big picture but also help with further preparation of seating charts.

Digitalized guest list is also helpful when it comes to the plus-ones. Their names should also appear on the place cards, but sometimes the couple doesn't know them. Once the personal data is confirmed, it's enough to add it to the app.

The guest list is also a repository of information about the menu. Pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free - nowadays, it's common to offer the participants of the ceremony a possibility to choose the preferred plates. In the mobile wedding planner, the user can add annotations referring to the menu. After the guest list is ultimately closed, it can be downloaded and printed, serving as a guide for the chefs and waiters. That simplifies and speeds up the whole process of exchanging information.

Set of information

Research is often the most time-consuming part of the whole planning process. Couples can struggle with finding out about the particular rules, even the unwritten ones - such as these that refer to writing invitations, writing the wedding vows, and preparing seating charts. With the mobile wedding planner, accessing information is much easier. When the task appears on the list, the app automatically generates a FAQ dedicated to it.

It can also help the couple figure out what documents are necessary to get married without any problems. The legal requirements can vary depending on the country or region. Having them all laid out in the app makes it easier to get through the paperwork phase.

About Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner is a mobile service introduced by Wesele z Klasą - a Polish company that provides online planning tools for future married couples. Aside from the product itself, Wesele z Klasą also offers a catalog of verified contractors working in the wedding industry and a platform where future brides and grooms can exchange questions and experiences.

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