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Philip Villa Opens Up About Yokkao and Explains How Entrepreneurs Need to Keep Inventing and Innovating

Last updated Saturday, May 1, 2021 13:17 ET , Source: Philip Villa

'Yokkao' is Philip Villa's brainchild, which has reached the top of the niche for his modern-day business approaches.

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There are a set of dreamers and a set of action-takers in this world. The former fear taking risks and hence do not reach anywhere, whereas the latter, with taking pertinent actions, get nearer the desired success in life. For entrepreneurs across business niches, it has become essential to keep coming up with ideas they can translate into reality for their brand and launch it forward in their respective industries. All those entrepreneurs who have chosen to work along with the changing trends of their industries have gone ahead in achieving staggering levels of success for themselves and their brands. Philip Villa did the same as a talented business personality who worked his way to the top with his brand named 'Yokkao,' a premium Muay Thai gear brand in Thailand, distributed across many other parts of the world.

Philip Villa today opens up about his brand and how it has garnered the attention, love and prominence it enjoys in the industry. He says that Yokkao in 2010 began as only a fight gear company. However, as he saw how the business world kept growing and flourishing, he thought to create a powerful business model that could thrive his brand further. This led Philip Villa to expand his business and start with manufacturing, event promotions, a training center in downtown Bangkok and a sportswear collection, making it huge in Milan's fashion showrooms. Philip Villa emphasizes the need for constant inventions and innovations to drive a brand and business to greater success. For that, he advises people to always walk in sync with the changing times of the business world.

In 2015, he set up his own manufacturing facility; after seeing an increasing demand for Yokkao products, he made sure to maintain product quality and the turnaround time, with the help of smart business solutions that he worked upon, which ultimately helped him to achieve massive success. For the past few years, Philip Villa has even worked towards Yokkao's direct sales through its own online store. In just a few years, the brand has expanded, meeting global demands and for worldwide distribution. With a number of training seminars and many high-profile events featuring sports celebs, Philipp Villa believes his brand got much more attention and prominence.

Philip Villa also says that entrepreneurs must take risks and work with the aim to do something different by coming up with newer business strategies and approaches that can help them become industry leaders.

The risks that Philip Villa took and the brave decisions he made for the brand helped him and Yokkao reach the influential position it enjoys today.

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