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Smith Bockius Announces Plans for Opening a New Office Location in Asia

Last updated Saturday, May 8, 2021 12:33 ET , Source: Smith Bockius

The firm's imminent expansion within the continent will include offices in Taiwan and Hong Kong

Singapore, Singapore, 05/08/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

Smith Bockius, a private asset management company engaging a multi-platform market strategy with a unique approach that utilizes comprehensive financial planning processes and provides forward-thinking solutions to high net-worth individuals, corporations, institutional clients, and non-profit organizations, is pleased to announce that the company's Board of Directors is currently engaged in securing the next step of business expansion in Asia and is very close in reaching a consensus regarding the new office location. Among several potential candidates, only Taipei and Hong Kong have been selected as the most solid grounds for business continuity.

Smith Bockius is aiming to solidify its status as a leading asset investment manager in the South Pacific region; therefore, it has recently appointed its Board of Executives to implement the next step of business enhancement by appointing and securing a new office location. The Asian financial markets' dynamics and emerging markets' potential offer a plethora of opportunities; however, client demand, trend, and sentiment have been primarily considered when deciding where to institute the new physical branch of the company.

Mr. Alistair Wu, Head of Capital Growth at Smith Bockius, said:" When we open a new office, we consider it nothing less than a long-term commitment to our client's interests in the region, so we must make sure that we analyze both propositions from all pertinent angles to ensure the best outcome. We must consider everything from facilitating efficient bureaucratic processes to positive economic factors and value-creation potential in order to offer the best tools of market engagement for our worldwide family of clients."

Smith Bockius has made public statements in the past that favor a new office location in Taipei, Taiwan, due to the fact that the country offers both the benefits of a free competitive financial market and specific and advantageous regulatory ties to the Peoples Republic of China, thus providing easier and more efficient access to profit-making opportunities.

Hong Kong remains one of the biggest financial hubs on the planet; therefore, it offers the possibility of creating new avenues of collaboration with almost all the world's biggest market players that are currently holding offices there.

The new location will be officially confirmed and publicly announced as soon as the Board of Directors reaches a decision, noting that this is expected to happen in the next short space of time.

About Smith Bockius:

Smith Bockius is a private investment company providing reliable and forward-thinking solutions for our clients' most significant financial decisions. Fundamental to Smith Bockius' mission to enhance our clients' financial resources is a client-centric approach to investment management. Our dedicated relationship management team of seasoned professionals offers the highest quality products, services, advice, and sustainable value, ensuring our customers receive excellent solutions to meet the unique needs of high net-worth individuals, corporations, institutional clients, and non-profit organizations, among others. Our commitment to providing excellent service solutions and our strong sense of social responsibility have earned us numerous accolades and industry recognition.

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