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WINkLink (WIN) Partners with JUST NFT to Enter the NFT World

Last updated Monday, May 10, 2021 12:10 ET , Source: WINkLink

Justin Sun announced another piece of exciting news—WINkLink, the first comprehensive oracle project launched on TRON, has entered into partnership with JUST NFT Fund.

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Following successive breakthroughs made within the two months since the founding of JUST NFT Fund, Justin Sun announced another piece of exciting news—WINkLink, the first comprehensive oracle project launched on TRON, has entered into partnership with JUST NFT Fund. The two will join hands in exploring diverse use cases in the NFT sphere. The alliance marks the debut of WIN, WINkLink's token, in the realm of NFT. Will Justin Sun show a preference for WIN in the future? Now please join me and look ahead at how the cooperation will influence WIN's future.

In a report titled "What Can Blockchains Do? And What Can't They Do?" published by the People's Bank of China, oracles are defined as "mechanisms that connect a blockchain with off-chain data". The only way to realize data exchange between smart contracts and the external world is by recording real-world information onto a blockchain and facilitate frictionless data flow. Thus, oracles are referred to as the interface between blockchains and the real world.

Serving as the major mechanism to write information on-chain, oracles play the important role of incorporating real-world information into blockchains. They are important infrastructure in the blockchain industry to feed smart contracts with the data needed.

On April 26, WINkLink, TRON's first comprehensive oracle project, went live! WINkLink fully integrates the real world with the blockchain space by feeding reliable, timely, transparent and tamper-proof data to any sophisticated blockchain-powered smart contracts, fully restoring trust and boosting user experience.

JUST NFT Fund, founded by Justin Sun on March 29, 2021, was born with the mission to register world-class artworks as NFTs on blockchain. The fund aims to be the ARK Funds in the NFT space. JUST NFT was born to build a bridge between top-notch artists and blockchain,

As of today, JUST NFT Fund has entered into partnerships with three of the world's largest NFT auction houses, namely Christie's, Sotheby's, and Nifty Gateway, and the collections it has acquired totaled over $56.43 million. Its first batch of collections disclosed included Femme nue couchée au collier by Pablo Picasso, Three Self-Portrait by Andy Warhol, Ocean’s Front by the crypto artist Beeple, a complete NFT set by the crypto artist Pak, and Computer in Society - April 2nd, 1965, the TIME magazine cover, which, including the work by Picasso, have recently been tokenized. The ownership of these works has been mapped on TRON following the TRC-721 standard and permanently stored on TRON's public chain and the decentralized storage system BTFS. This move marks the debut of Picasso’s works in the world of blockchain.

By forging a powerful alliance, WINkLink and JUST NFT Fund, two pivotal components of the TRON ecosystem, have ushered the blockchain sphere into a new era. WINkLink's decentralized oracle network powers JUST NFT Fund to securely integrate NFT with IoT data, web API and various data providers, and meanwhile feeds JUST NFT with reliable, unpredictable and verifiable real-world data for off-chain data exchange on the back end, fully restoring trust and boosting user experience.

Although NFT has been largely applied to artworks and collectibles and hasn't seen a wide range of large-scale applications so far, it is very likely that the gaming industry will be the first to witness the mass adoption of NFT. NFT- and blockchain-based game props are likely to be able to move across different platforms, which will offer better interaction experience for gamers. NFT is highly promising in the gaming industry as gamers will also be able to swap and transact game props freely across the globe, and the market is constantly improving with more incentives coming out.It's fair to say that the inroad of WIN, WINkLink's token and a leading cryptocurrency in the gaming industry, into the NFT world is a big win for both sides.

Justin Sun has been staying at the forefront of the times. WINkLink's cooperation with JUST NFT Fund marks the debut of WIN, WINkLink's community governance token, in the NFT sphere.It's a strategic move to further unleash the potential of NFT, expand the use cases of “DeFi+NFT”, improve community governance and catalyze the growth of JUST NFT ecosystem.

WINkLink's partnership with JUST NFT marks the first combination of an oracle and NFT project in this industry, which will power the two to draw on each other's strengths and lead their respective fields.


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