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Smith Bockius-Sponsored Study Shows Digital Savviness Spans Generations

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Survey shows that a significant portion of older investors relies on mobile and digital investing tools.

Smith Bockius, a private asset management company engaging a multi-platform market strategy with a unique approach that utilizes comprehensive financial planning processes and provides forward-thinking solutions to high net-worth individuals, corporations, institutional clients, and non-profit organizations today announced the results of the company’s internally-run study of experienced investors. Results show that investors aged 35-55+ are digitally savvy:

  • More than half of all participants surveyed categorize mobile trading as "critical."
  • At least one-third of respondents surveyed plan to use their mobile devices more often to manage their portfolios in the next year.
  • More than a quarter of investors use an investing and trading app at least once a week.

Furthermore, the survey reveals that financially active people over 35 years of age prefer online tools over in-person advice when it comes to saving for the long term. More than three-quarters of all surveyed also prefer a broker who comes to their aid with a variety of helpful tools over one who provides a focused skillset and primarily offers advice.

"The belief that only young investors crave digital solutions is dead," said Jackson Yeo, Senior Vice President of Digital Developments at Smith Bockius.

Mr. Jackson Yeo continued, "Clearly, digital channels are critical for today's investor, but that is not the end of the story. Investors crave the direct model. In the wake of the global financial crisis, older investors may be less satisfied with the value they have received from traditional broker relationships and now seek tools to help them manage their finances themselves. They now search for the hybrid model — one defined by an exceptional experience online and supported by guidance and help when they need it, either virtually or in person."

About Smith Bockius:

Smith Bockius is a private investment company providing reliable and forward-thinking solutions for our clients' most significant financial decisions. Fundamental to Smith Bockius’ mission to enhance our clients’ financial resources is a client-centric approach to investment management. Our dedicated relationship management team of seasoned professionals offers the highest quality products, services, advice, and sustainable value, ensuring our customers receive excellent solutions to meet the unique needs of high net-worth individuals, corporations, institutional clients, and non-profit organizations, among others. Our commitment to providing excellent service solutions and our strong sense of social responsibility have earned us numerous accolades and industry recognition.

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