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Standing Out With Business Card in a Networking Event: Tips by GotPrint.com

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Standing Out With Business Card in a Networking Event: Tips by GotPrint.com

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For people who think that no one uses business cards in the era of digitalization, they need to think again. Either a person is trying to tell others about his business or looking for a job, his business card is an easy way to leave a mark in a networking event. It's easy to exchange details about a person and his business through business cards, and people will remember the person/company even after the event. But now, when everyone knows that a business card is that secret tool to create a long-lasting impact in people's minds, one needs to stand out with his business cards.

How to Stand Out With Business Cards?

In a networking event, there will be a considerable exchange of business cards among people. And one can steal the show and make a difference while still looking professional by following these tips:

Have A Logo:

If a person is a business owner, he undoubtedly needs to have a logo of his business. But it is better to have the logo even when one is an individual service provider or a job seeker. A logo is a professional way of standing out amidst the crowd. It might take some time to create a striking logo, but it's worthwhile. If one thinks that he cannot design a logo, he can work with a professional on the subject.

Have A Tag Line:

A tagline means summing up the business or purpose in a short sentence. If a person is networking for his business, he must have an elevator pitch ready. On the other hand, if he is looking for job, he must have his resume's summary handy. The tagline must be a shorter version of the elevator pitch or CV summary. If one has already created a slogan to use on his LinkedIn, he can go ahead and use that too.

Have A QR Code:

Either a person is networking for his business or acquiring a job, linking to his LinkedIn profile or website is essential. He can add a QR code link to his LinkedIn profile or website on his business card. There are many free QR code generators online. Don't forget to use LinkedIn's logo or an icon of "www" in the center so that people know that what they are scanning. One can also use his social profiles in his QR code.

How to Design a Remarkable Business Card?

Browsing templates on the GotPrint mobile application is the easiest way to design a business card. The GotPrint mobile app allows a person to browse print products quickly and straightforwardly. Additionally, one can order his designs, especially if he is looking for printing services for marketing and promotional purposes, along with his business cards. The app has a user-friendly design so that everyone can use the application even without any prior knowledge of designing. One can check through product specifications, paper stocks, and material and pricing so that one can compare all the elements and choose the best option for their printing needs.

If a person has an existing business card design, he can upload his file on the go. And if a person is creating his first business card, he can design that through the app. Choose the desired template, orientation, size, and paper stock, and make a design within a few minutes. Once a person is done with the design, he can print directly on his phone with the mobile app designer. The app's user-friendly layout and features allow the customers to create quick designs from scratch using elements from the app itself. One can also use images from his phone's photo library.

If a person joins as a new customer, he is eligible to get a free sample kit from GotPrint. The sample kit will include an impressive variety of GotPrint's paper and material offerings to be sure that he will get what he sees. If one is ready to download the GotPrint mobile app, one can download it here and start designing.

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