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Facebook advertising targeting can bring in new customers, boost sales, and put your restaurant on the map

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Having a Facebook presence as a restaurant can help you reach more people, engage with your audience, and ultimately increase sales. Below, you will find some easy-to-implement Facebook marketing ideas for restaurants.

10 Facebook Marketing Ideas for Restaurants That Work

1. Allow people to order food from your page

One of the main ways in which you can monetize your Facebook page is to activate online ordering. If you’ve already installed an online ordering system on your website, check whether you can use the ordering link on your Facebook page as well.

Then, using Facebook’s call-to-action buttons, add a “Start Order” button to your page. The button should redirect customers to your online menu, where they can place an order. That way, their experience will translate seamlessly from social media to online ordering.

2. Post behind the scenes videos

Video marketing is on an upward trajectory, with more and more brands taking advantage of its multiple perks. Facebook is an excellent platform for you to post videos advertising your restaurant and videos that give users exclusive sneak peeks behind the scenes.

These types of videos will make customers feel closer to your brand. Plus, the sense of exclusivity they offer will set you apart from other restaurants that are not doing the same thing. Post videos of your chef cooking meals, the waiters setting the tables, and your cleaning and disinfection routine.

3. Pin the most important posts

Facebook’s pinned post feature is a handy tool for brands. Use it to draw attention to your most important post of that moment. Whether you are announcing a new menu item, launching a promotion, or sharing new information about your restaurant, a pinned post will do the trick.

Suppose you don’t have any important announcements or updates. In that case, you can always pin a post that advertises your online ordering feature, with a direct link to where people can place an order.

4. Do a Facebook live

Facebook lives are also growing in popularity. If, in the beginning, they were used mainly by public figures on their personal profile, brands can now get in on the fun and do lives where they interact with their customers directly.

In the case of a restaurant, you could do a live of your chef sharing cooking secrets or teaching users how to prepare an item on your menu. You could also feature your bartender mixing drinks. There are plenty of ideas you can come up with if you think outside the box.

5. Create exclusive promotions

Restaurant promotions are an excellent way to raise interest in your restaurant and persuade customers to keep coming back. Even if you have promos listed on your restaurant website, it’s a good idea to develop unique ones for social media.

That way, people who follow your restaurant on Facebook but who might not be aware of your website will still feel like they’re getting something out of the deal.

6. Try Facebook ads

If you have the budget for it, you can also try to create a Facebook ad where you showcase the best your restaurant has to offer, from irresistible photos of food to promotions and valuable features like no-contact delivery.

An ad is your chance to put your best foot forward and make a stellar first impression. The good news is that if it doesn’t work, you can stop it at any time. Don’t be discouraged if your first idea doesn’t pan out. Try multiple strategies and see what works.

To learn more about how to create successful ads, check out these Facebook ad targeting tips.

7. Engage your followers with contests and giveaways

If there’s one thing people love on social media, it’s the opportunity to win something. The reward doesn’t have to be very expensive or over the top. As a restaurant owner, you can organize contests where people can win gift cards to your restaurant, freebies, or discounts.

The same goes for giveaways. You can use them to source user-generated content and kill two birds with one stone. You’ll get content for your Facebook page, and your followers will get the chance to win a cool prize.

Here are some Facebook contest ideas you can try.

8. Post sneak peek photos of upcoming menu items

Before you release a new menu item, it’s good to create anticipation and excitement around it. And where can you do that better than on social media? Post mouth-watering photos of the dish you’re about to release and tease it with a unique discount code.

Once the item is available in-restaurant or for order, post a link redirecting users to your website where they can place an order. If you don’t have a website yet or the knowledge to build one, consider using a restaurant website builder to get one that is optimized for online sales.

9. Allow reviews and respond to them

To encourage people to leave you reviews on your Facebook page, add the Reviews tab to the default tabs that appear at the top of your profile, right below your name and profile picture. New users who visit your page will trust you more if they see many (positive) reviews.

But that’s not enough. They should also see that you’ve taken the time to reply to the reviews. Otherwise, you might give off the impression that you don’t care what your customers have to say. If there are negative reviews, do your best to solve the problems they raise.

10. Collaborate with influencers

Influencer partnerships can help you attract a new customer base and boost brand recognition. Find local Facebook influencers who would be interested in partnering with restaurants and send them a message presenting a mutually beneficial deal.

We hope these Facebook marketing ideas will give your restaurant a boost online, from engagement to sales.

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