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Insurance Navy Sponsors And Attends Pilsen Community’s Driver’s License Reinstatement Expo

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The Pilsen Neighbors Community Council holds its annual Driver’s License Reinstatement Expo (DLRE) returns this year on September 11, 2021

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What many drivers may not know, driving without a driver’s license isn’t a petty offense that is amended with a fine. It can be either a misdemeanor or even a felony which can result in permanent loss of driving privileges. That is one of the many reasons why those with a suspended license have it reinstated as soon as they can. The Pilsen Neighbors Community Council holds its annual Driver’s License Reinstatement Expo (DLRE) for this exact purpose, and the pandemic hasn’t kept them from doing so the previous year. The DLRE returns this year on September 11, joined by sponsors. One such sponsor attending this year is Insurance Navy.   

The first DLRE run by the neighborhood of Pilsen was in 2018, so it’s only in its fourth year. However, the importance of such an event was made clear during their first event, where a little more than 1,000 people showed up when only a couple of hundred were expected. The next year, attendance more than doubled to at least 3,000 people. The third annual DLRE was both online and in-person, with 800 people arriving in masks. This year, the registration list once again exceeds 1,000. 

Insurance Navy Brokers
Insurance Navy Brokers

“The Pilsen community runs a necessary and professional service with this event,” said Insurance Navy CEO Fadi Sneineh, “The Driver’s License Reinstatement Expo connects all their attendees with traffic attorneys who are able to look over their personal driving records and reasons for their license suspension. They offer legal council for the license reinstatement process, which makes it all around less stressful and even affordable with reinstatement payment plans. One of the requirements for a suspended license to be reinstated is to carry an amount of car insurance mandated by the state of Illinois. Along with court and reinstatement fees, suspended drivers can work up a bill. It’s our responsibility as an insurance agency to make it more accessible and affordable as well. Sponsoring and attending this event is a great way to help.” 

Of course, the main objective of the Driver’s License Reinstatement Expo is restorative justice, as the Pilsen Neighbors Community Council says. Most people have come to rely on their car for work, errands, and picking up kids from school. For some drivers in the Chicagoland area, public transport may not be an option depending on the neighborhood. An Illinois driver’s license can be suspended on account of traffic violations like a DUI or several outstanding collisions in a seven-year span. A license can also be suspended due to less severe offenses like failure to have their car’s emission tested, missed payments like child support, and civil judgment after an accident. Driving without auto insurance can also result in license revocation.

“Following the law shouldn’t be expensive or a hassle. All drivers in Illinois are required to carry

at least the minimum auto coverage that the state requires. For drivers with a suspended license, acquiring the proper coverage or an SR22 certificate is often one of the first steps to license reinstatement. At the DLRE, attendees who have just had their Zoom calls with a traffic attorney are able to stop by our table and get started on their low-cost auto insurance policy or SR22 certification if they require it for reinstatement. It’s one thing to inform a driver what they must do to have their license reinstated and why. It’s another thing to take an active role in the process which can save them money and time.” Sneineh said. 

The Driver’s License Reinstatement Expo will take place from 8:30 am to 3 pm on September 11 at Malcolm X College on Jackson Blvd in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. The counseling the attorneys provide is free of charge but is limited to cases with no warrants or private attorneys and cases less than seven years old. Registration is available through the Pilsen Neighbors website.

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