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Toronto, Canada CooperFix Provides Professional Repair Services for Commercial Walk-In Freezer

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As the leading commercial appliance repair provider in Toronto, Cooperfix has been providing professional and affordable services for customers.

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Your walk-in fridge or freezer is one of the most important components to your business. Knowing where to go for efficient and affordable commercial appliance repair is a key part of good maintenance practices.

At the same time, there are also several commercial freezer or fridge maintenance tips that you can easily keep in mind on your own. Let’s go over the most important ones.

Tip 1: Keep Your Freezer Clean!

Keeping your walk-in freezer clean is one of the simplest things you can do. Minor steps such as sweeping regularly, addressing spills as they occur, and using warm soapy water over potentially destructive chemicals can prevent serious issues later.

This in turn can offset the need for pricey emergency walk-in freezer repair.

Tip 2: Take Care Of The Condensing Unit

A separate cleaning measure we would strongly suggest taking concerns your condensing unit. Every walk-in freezer is going to have one. This is where you’re going to find your compressor, your condensing fan motor, and your condensing coil.

The first place to look for your condensing unit will be on top of the walk-in freezer itself. Barring this, it can be found underneath your unit, or even in a location distinctive from the main unit.

Shut the power to the walk-in off completely. Once you’ve located the condensing unit, vacuuming and gentle scrubbing will get rid of all the debris and other undesirable stuff.

You don’t have to do this every single day. Once a month should be fine. You should also try the blades and coils associated with your walk-in freezer every 3 or 4 months.

Tip 3: Check Your Door Hinges And Seals

Imagine how many times a week or even a day that you have to open and close the doors of your freezer or even your fridge. This is one aspect of these units that people don’t always think about.

Nevertheless, you should check the hinges and seals of your door every few months. They should be lubricated during this time, which shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Also, unless you are entering or exiting the walk-in for your commercial space, the door should remain closed at any given time.

Tip 4: Get A Professional To Check It Out!

Keep an eye on your temperatures, routinely inspect the coils and blades on your own, and know where to turn for professional walk-in freezer inspections, walk-in fridge repair, or whatever the case may be.

We hope these tips help you maintain your unit!

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