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Chronic Pain Expert Dr. Delzell Provides Insights on How Manual Therapy Can Reduce Chronic Pain

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Leading chronic pain expert Dr. Delzell has published an article that talks extensively about chronic pain and manual therapy. Insightful for anyone dealing with chronic pain and seeking relief.

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Dr. Delzell’s recent blog post details the causes of chronic pain in addition to a myriad of methods that are used to treat it. The post also talks about the relationship between manual therapy and chronic pain, outlining why manual therapy is effective at treating it. Dr. Delzell is also the owner of Advanced MMC and has used manual therapy to treat chronic pain of all types. That said, there can’t be a so-called one-size-fits-all approach to chronic pain, something which Dr. Delzell acknowledges, which is why an individual consultation is needed to understand the nature of the pain so that a form of therapy can then be used to address it.

Advanced Musculoskeletal Medicine Consultants, Inc., headed by Dr. Delzell, has over the years treated several dozen people suffering from chronic pain. According to her, manual therapy is a form of specialized therapy that’s delivered through the hands and not a machine like some other therapies. The benefit of using the hands for a practitioner is that it allows them to exert the right amount of pressure in the right locations like the muscles or to manipulate joints to decrease and eventually treat various types of chronic pain, joint dysfunction, and muscle spasms.

Chronic Pain Expert Dr. Delzell Provides Insights on How Manual Therapy Can Reduce Chronic Pain
Dr. Delzell Provides Insights on How Manual Therapy Can Reduce Chronic Pain

People who suffer from chronic pain are often put on a cocktail of drugs which are temporary pain relievers and can be potentially addictive, caution many experts. That’s why manual therapy is a much better form of treatment, regardless of what type is used. It is usually up to the practitioner to decide what type of manual therapy will work best for the patient’s condition.

Readers can read Dr. Delzell’s post in detail by visiting https://www.advancedmmc.com/post/manual-therapy-and-chronic-pain.

“In my opinion, that’s mainly based on my years of experience treating people with chronic pain; manual therapy is the most effective way of managing it. I have over the years treated many patients who were on pain medication, something which isn’t sustainable. They knew that they couldn’t continue taking pain medication and increasing the dosage to remain pain-free, and that’s what had them worried. Manual therapy proved to be immensely effective for them, and many were soon off the pain medication.” Said Dr. Delzell of Advanced MMC.

She added, “I get so many questions from patients and people who are dealing with chronic pain that I decided to draft this highly detailed blog post. I hope that people will find my article useful when it comes to seeking help. However, anyone reading it with chronic pain is free to book a consultation, which is the best way for me to analyze what’s wrong and then prescribe a course of treatment.”

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Advanced MMC is headed by Dr. Patricia Delzell, M.D, who is a renowned musculoskeletal ultrasound specialist. Dr. Delzell is also a fellowship-trained professional in integrative medicine and cross-section imaging. Since she is also a board-certified musculoskeletal radiologist, she has many years of experience with integrative treatment and, in particular chronic pain. She also has extensive training and has been practicing medicine since 1993. In addition, she used to be the director of the musculoskeletal ultrasound at the Cleveland Clinic from 2009-2019.



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