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Donner’s DUS-10 Soprano Ukulele Goes Viral for its Sound and Unbeatable Price

Last updated Monday, November 8, 2021 18:14 ET , Source: Donner

The Donner DUS-10 Soprano Ukulele has everything that makes ukuleles great, and in an affordable package that can’t be beat.

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There’s something about the sound of the ukulele that is both beautiful and earnest. It is sweet, endearing, and unpretentious. These qualities make it a desirable instrument for all kinds of musicians playing all kinds of music who are looking for that honest and open sound. The Donner DUS-10 Soprano Ukulele has everything that makes ukuleles great, and in an affordable package that can’t be beat.

A recent video on Glamour Magazine’s YouTube channel went viral showing pop sensation Camila Cabello watching some of her fans’ covers of her big songs (youtu.be/rBg39dMlo7U). Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed the first performer, TIFFANY, was playing a Donner branded ukulele, the DUS-10 Soprano Ukulele to be precise. Camila Cabello overflows with appreciation and positivity for her cover of “Don’t Go Yet”, which is beautiful, sincere, and well-produced. Watch TIFFANY’s video here: youtu.be/TtxpuBDIcEA.

TIFFANY is passionate about the ukulele as well as making amazing music and creating educational and instructional content for her viewers. Donner shares these passions for music, education, and the ukulele, which is why they are so happy to be working with TIFFANY. In addition to playing Donner instruments, she has been working closely with Donner, providing feedback on the build, design, and sound of Donner ukuleles to improve and perfect the lineup. Donner is excited to work with her to introduce to the world the Donner DUS-10 Soprano Ukulele.

It is clear from TIFFANY’s performance just what has been achieved with this working relationship. The instrument is clear, resonant, and pleasing to the ear, perfectly complementing her voice and musical talent. The cover of “Don’t Go Yet” is catchy and compelling, and it will get stuck in a listener’s head all day.

Part of Donner’s Rainbow Series of instruments, the DUS-10 is available in a variety of fun and exciting colors: mahogany, blue, pink, purple, black, and natural. These ukuleles are constructed from bright maple tone wood, and are painted using a special process that prevents the paint layer from being too thick and affecting the sound of the instrument. Many other painted ukuleles sound dull due to the paint deadening the natural resonance of the wood. This is not the case with the DUS-10, which retains its brightness even when painted exciting and eye-catching colors. Owners of the DUS-10 can have their beautiful, professional sound and fun colors too!

These ukuleles also feature guitar-style tuners to keep the nylon strings in tune. Anyone who has ever purchased an inexpensive ukulele before will know that they are often a challenge to keep in tune. Low quality tuners will move and unwind with the least amount of pressure on the strings. The DUS-10’s guitar-style tuners are rock solid, keeping the instrument in tune while playing, making it a fully-fledged, professional instrument capable of recording and performing outstanding music. This is perfect for beginners looking to get into music who need something both approachable and reliable to learn with, and also for more experienced musicians who are looking for a new tonal quality to add to their palette of sounds.

What’s more, the DUS-10 comes with everything needed to get playing right away: the ukulele itself, a carrying bag to keep it safe, a digital clip-on tuner to get in tune, a strap to keep the ukulele safely and comfortably attached to the body, an extra pack of strings, four picks, and a cleaning cloth to keep it neat and tidy. If that’s not enough, Donner is happy to offer free online video lessons to get musicians playing awesome songs in no time at all, and with great technique. This package really is ideal for beginners, who won’t have to go hunting for additional gear or accessories anywhere else. It’s all included and taken care of. Added to the fun color options and the affordable price tag, the included accessories really make the Donner DUS-10 the perfect place to start and an ideal gift

The DUS-10 has been flying off the shelves recently, but is in stock on Amazon (https://amz.run/51Vd), where the DUS-10 will be 20% off November 22nd-30th for the Annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale. The DUS-10 is the perfect gift for your loved ones. Grab one today!

Writer: Conrad M

Picture: Donner Music on https://amz.run/51Vd

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