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EvenMix ™ Announces The Launch of Its Clamp Mount Mixer - EIN News

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EvenMix’s new clamp mount mixer is lighter, easier to mount, and more powerful than what is currently available. The brand terms the new clamp mount mixer as “game-changing.”

Even Mix is a brand that’s best known for developing innovative mixing products. The company’s tote mixers are considered revolutionary. However, similar to the company’s tote mixers, the clamp mount mixer has been developed with the help of a NASA engineer to deliver the best possible mixing experience. The new mixer is also compatible with their electric and air drives while perfectly compatible with the Digital Drive. In addition, Even Mix also develops and manufactures custom shafts to ensure a size that’s right for any tank depth. Furthermore, they (mixers) benefit from the brand’s patented 3D mixing design.

Speaking of the blades, those are designed to quickly expand to 16” in diameter once the actual mixing process starts. The pressure results in a pumping action that moves all the materials around in the container, often in many directions, creating a thorough mix. The blades will also mix all the materials around the container, across the crevices and corners. The company has said that the mixer has been put through numerous tests across various suspensions and substances. That’s why all the amazing claims aren’t just slick marketing statements.

Readers can watch the new clamp mount mixer in action and read more about it by visiting the company’s official website at https://evenmix.com/container-clamp-mount-mixer.

“At Even Mix, our clamp mount mixer, like all other mixing machines we’ve sold in the past, has fewer parts with a simpler design, which means that by design, there are fewer things that can go wrong with the machine. Also, users can easily mix and match the drives they use with the mixers or even the drum they are currently using. It is a system that’s flexible and will pay dividends for businesses in the way of labor hours, energy saved, and ensuring the right outcome of...

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