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I.E. Green Tea Compares Matcha Green Tea with Regular Green Tea, Offering Surprising Insights - Digital Journal

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Regardless of what green tea brand people buy or the green tea company they trust, one of the most common questions asked is if Matcha green tea is better than regular or ordinary green tea. While they both have different names, the primary visible difference between the two is that matcha green tea is a powder and the other looks like dried leaves. But what are the other differences beyond that? The blog post by I.E. Green Tea states that both types of green teas are derived from the same Camellia Sinensis plant. But there is a difference in how the two teas are produced and then prepared.

Green tea is generally brewed from leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, while the powder of Matcha comes from whole dried leaves that are ground into a fine powder. So, which is better? Which should people drink to take advantage of the plant’s health benefits?

IE Green tea’s blog post states that Matcha is, in fact, superior to most types of traditional green teas available, especially ones over the counter. However, the company’s brand of green tea isn’t ordinary, which is why it has become so immensely popular amongst people who enjoy drinking multiple cups of green tea each day.

I.E. Green Tea has a very high antioxidant content. The tea is readily available to mix with cold or hot water to produce a potent yet healthy drink regardless of the user’s taste. The ease of use is what makes green tea, in general, such an excellent beverage. Matcha tea is also high in caffeine, which is why even caffeinated green tea has less caffeine than what you’ll find in Matcha tea. That means it is less addictive. I.E. Green Tea also sells a line of decaf green teas which have lower caffeine content than most of their decaffeinated counterparts.

Readers can read the entire article on I.E. Green Tea’s official website at https://iegreentea.com/blogs/news/matcha-green-tea-vs-green-tea.

“In all honesty, it is very difficult to measure caffeine content. All green tea, regardless of what you...

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