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Waseda Farms Responds To the Growing Demand for Meat Box Subscriptions In The US - TopWireNews

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Waseda Farms’ Butcher Box meats are now amongst the most popular products sold by the brand. However, the popularity of meat delivery boxes is on the rise and could soon be the most popular item that the brand sells. One of the reasons why these meat subscription boxes are so popular is because it gives people the opportunity to plan ahead. Buyers can order the best meat delivery box ahead, especially for a fast-approaching Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season, allowing them to plan ahead.

Waseda Farms has reacted to the increased demand from customers by increasing the number of their monthly meat subscription boxes. While the brand may have started with planning for a few hundred boxes a month, now it seems that they will need to make arrangements for a few thousand boxes, and those are just for regular subscribers. The one-off meat delivery subscription continues to be at an all-time high. However, according to the company, another reason why the meat boxes are so much in demand is that people associated Waseda Farms with organic grass-fed beef, organic chicken, and pork.

Waseda Farms also offers various types of meat subscription boxes. People can opt for the mixed meat subscription box, which contains grass-fed beef from Black Angus cattle, poultry, Heritage, and Berkshire Pork. The boxes are available in small, medium, and large sizes. The company can schedule delivery of the meat boxes every two weeks, each month, or every four months. In fact, there are quite a few delivery frequency choices, so you can choose what suits your needs the best.

Readers can find out more by visiting Waseda Farms’ official website at https://wasedafarms.com/meat-subscription.html.

At Waseda Farms, we care about the quality of meat our clients get. However, over the years we’ve established ourselves as one of the leading brands of organic and grass-fed beef in the US. People who subscribe to our meat boxes...

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