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Fritan Technology Offers Guidance On How To Reinforce An Entry Door

Last updated Wednesday, December 22, 2021 17:26 ET , Source: Fritan Technology, LLC

Helps people secure their residential and commercial premises for peace of mind

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Fritan Technology, renowned product development, and engineering firm, has provided a six-step guide to reinforce an entry door, which can help people secure their residential and commercial premises to get much-needed peace of mind.

Studies have shown that on average there is a break-in in the US every 15 seconds, which is about 5760 every day. It’s also interesting to note that the break-ins and instances of burglary have been reported from properties all over the country. Neighborhoods that were once considered safe are not so anymore, and the onus lies on property owners to ensure that their premises are secure as they should be.

6 Steps To Reinforce An Entry Door
6 Steps To Reinforce An Entry Door

Fritan Technology has made a name for itself as a product development and engineering firm, which focuses on designs for home repair, renovation, and decoration. It has a wide range of unique and top-quality products that serve varied critical purposes in people’s homes. And now it has unveiled a 6 step guide to reinforce the entry door, which can help people bolster the security on their premises.

According to the guide, the first step in securing one’s premises is locking the door. It might seem like an obvious move but reports suggest that 30% of burglaries happen because the door was left unlocked by mistake. These things can happen, and Fritan Technology recommends a smart solution in the form of electronic deadbolt locks. The good thing about them is that they lock themselves even after they have been left unlocked for some time.

Installing a reinforced door frame is the next step in securing one’s home and peace of mind. The article asserts that every door hinge should be reinforced with at least two screws and reinforce-screws on the door’s strike. It’s a small investment that makes a huge difference to the safety of people’s homes. Removing the little strike plate on the door’s frame and replacing it with an elongated strike plate is the next step mentioned in the guide.

Through this simple change, people can add more 3 inch screws, which will secure the strike plate. It also prevents the door from being kicked down during a break-in. Homeowners can then install a door reinforcement kit at step 4. These kits have everything people need to reinforce their doors. Moreover, everything in the kit is easy to work with and install without the help of professionals.

The fifth step is all about adding strength to the door’s edge. The weakest part of the door is the area that has bolts going through it into the door’s frame. The solution is simple in the form of a large, heavy-duty door wrap for a deadbolt and lever. Finally, installing stronger door locks like a deadbolt with a 1” throw alone can help protect doors from being opened forcefully.

To learn more, visit: https://www.fritantechnology.com/6-steps-to-reinforce-an-entry-door/

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