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Chicago Printer MidAmerican Printing Announces Expanding Its Prepress Services In Chicago

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MidAmerican Printing announced earlier in the week that the company was in the process of expanding its prepress department. The prepress department is generally responsible for developing graphic art and other collateral before the actual printing process. However, it is seen as one of the most essential parts of the process for a commercial printer, especially for direct mail printing and mailing, where the quality of the end product matters. The Chicago-based leading printing company has also said that it will work with businesses to improve their direct mail service, using cutting-edge printing techniques.

In the past few years, the number of printing companies in Chicago has more than doubled. However, many printing companies forgo the prepress services that are often needed for printing projects to cut costs and offer the most competitive rates.

Before anything is printed to paper, the prepress department helps develop the graphic art, concepts, and prepares the files to ensure optimal results. Top printing companies like MidAmerican Printing use cutting-edge tools and work with the latest computer-to-plate technology to ensure that the final product reflects the needed attention to detail and prioritized quality.

Readers can find out more about MidAmerican Printing and the company’s commitment to expanding its prepress department at https://www.midamericanprint.com.

“In the past couple of months, since we’ve resumed normal operations, we’ve found that there is a need to further improve and expand our prepress department. However, doing that can prove easier said than done since there are many aspects of our process that we think can be improved greatly, even though we’ve not received any complaints from clients. Our team currently can create an entire direct mail campaign from nothing, in addition to putting the finishing touches on collateral like newsletters and brochures. In addition, we also offer creative design, typesetting, and developing corporate...

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