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McQ Inc. Video Compression Module Product Provides Solutions for Streaming Live Video Over IP Networks

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FREDERICKSBURG, Va., Jan. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- McQ Inc.’s vWatch® Video Compression Module provides a capability to set up a live video application through IP networks. The vWatch Video Module compresses video to fit within a given network link, provides for the video distribution over the network, and provides the user with quality video over a wide range of data rates. The user can adjust the image settings, and consequently the data rate, to match both the link throughput and the data rate plan. Importantly, the Video Module enables live quality video even at very low data rates. vWatch makes it easy to deploy and remotely control the video operation. The vWatch Video Compression Module maintains uninterrupted video as the user changes the data rate on the fly and the video does not suffer from subject motion artifacts. Actionable live video can be achieved at bandwidths as low as 15k bits per second.

Standard ONVIF IP cameras with pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities can plug into the vWatch Module and provide video as well as receive camera control commands. The vWatch Module is powered with a 9 to 36 volt DC input. A computer board in the vWatch Module powered by Compulab’sfitlet2 has an Ethernet I/O to accept the IP Camera input video and perform multifaceted image compression by adjusting the output frame rate and image quality to a data rate the IP network can provide. Very low data rates for live video over a satellite, cell phone, or IP radio link can connect the video with users. The camera video is transmitted by the vWatch Video Module via an IP communication network device such as a cell phone hot spot, a network router, or a satellite modem. The vWatch module includes built-in Web Page user software for setup and configuration of the vWatch Module. vWatch Windows server software is used to collect and distribute the video to any number of end users or devices. The server software also stores the video and can distribute live or stored video to users over an IP connection. The vWatch compression software is also available for users to embed in their own edge devices.


Located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, McQ has been supplying DoD, DHS, DoE, DoJ, other US Government Agencies and commercial customers with advanced security technology and surveillance systems for over 35 years. McQ specializes in low power electronics design, efficient communications, advanced sensor systems, and wireless video management solutions. An Iridium Partner company for over 20 years, McQ has been providing Government and Industry with satellite globally linked imagery and data information sent via Iridium. The Iridium satellite communications network enables a cloud information architecture that can rapidly distribute information from anywhere on the earth to users anywhere in the world.

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McQ vWatch™
McQ vWatch™ Live Video Compression Module

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