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Investment Business Unveils Investment Options For Portfolio Growth

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Investment Business Unveils Investment Options For Portfolio Growth

Online finance resource, Super Investments, unravels a mix of different investment options to meet the specific goals of each individual

Super Investments have rolled out a list of investment options to enable clients to achieve their desired goals. The platform has become increasingly popular as the go-to space for financial literacy and wealth-building resources and recently reiterated their commitment to the cause by listing different choices that could make a huge difference in the growth of their portfolio. The available options are particularly unique, allowing persons to change the superior investment options online.

Pre-Mixed Investment Options


Investment mix: About 85% in stocks or real estate, and 15% in fixed or cash interest, or 100% equity or ownership of a “high growth” option.

Returns: Aim to achieve higher average returns over the long term. This also means higher losses in bad years than you would incur with lower-risk options.


Investment mix: About 70% in stocks or real estate and 30% in fixed interest and cash. Or a “moderate” option with 50% equity and equity.

Returns: Aim for reasonable returns, but lower than growth funds to reduce the risk of losses in bad years. These losses tend to occur less frequently than the growth option.


Investment mix: About 30% in stocks and property, and 70% in fixed interest and cash.

Profitability: aims to reduce the risk of loss and thus accept lower profitability in the long run. There is less chance of a bad year compared to balanced growth options.


Investment mix: 100% in deposits with Australian Depository Institutions or a life insurance policy with a ‘capital guaranteed’.

Profitability: The objective of ensuring the capital and accumulated profits cannot be reduced by losses in investments.


This option aims to liquidate investments in companies that do not meet certain environmental, social, and...

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