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God Is Alien NFT Is Making Big Waves In The Cryptosphere

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God is Alien is the latest NFT to be designed and curated by CINEX Entertainment.

Vancouver, CA, Canada, 01/11/2022 / SubmitMyPR /

Canada is the world’s second-largest country in terms of area after Russia. It is a well-developed country with a huge chunk of tech-savvy people who are passionate about technology and blockchain.

Over the last few years, there has been a continuous surge in demand for NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and cryptocoins in Canada. Tech-savvy users are always looking forward to buying some of the best NFTs and cryptocoins, which can fetch them good returns in future.

God is Alien is the latest NFT to be designed and curated by CINEX Entertainment. NFT Holders will get access to Haus Records (Vancouver based record label), Cinex Entertainment and GIA Exclusive events.

The company has carefully integrated the symmetrically opposite stuff: NFT and artwork. You can witness its artworks in the form of Egyptian-styled Pyramids and Aliens displayed all across major cities in Canada.

Phase 1 of the God is Alien collection has already been initiated minting over 20–30 NFTs. All collections are likely to be made available on the digital platform for NFT enthusiasts by late January this year. Once its phase 1 collection launch will be over, the God is Alien will immediately proceed towards its second phase. The company is already mulling over its phase 2 launch within the next few months.

According to Statista, Canada’s crypto enthusiasts have primarily invested in Bitcoin followed by Ethereum. But in recent times, they have shown their interest in various other available cryptocurrencies too, including Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin and others.

How Is NFT Related to Cryptocurrencies?

NFT or Non-fungible Tokens are digital crypto instruments, which are available online on blockchain platforms. You can buy NFTs as per the rules of the NFT-launching company. You have to make payments using cryptocurrencies.

NFTs don’t have any intrinsic value that metal currencies have, but using a single NFT you can buy any digital assets online on blockchain platforms. As a God is Alien NFT holder, you can buy their artwork and other products in agreed quantities as determined by the community.

NFTs can be also minted on the ETH (Ethereum), Bitcoin (BTC) and Binance blockchain among a few other selected platforms.

You can buy NFTs in Canada on Rarible, Opensea and other online platforms. Some of the latest popular NFT collections are Art Blocks and Cryptopunks powered by ETH-enabled blockchain technology.

What Makes God Is Alien Alien So Unique

As a God is Alien NFT holder, you can easily buy its physical art within seconds without going into the lengthy art auctioning process. Moreover, you can buy the product globally from anywhere while sitting at your home.

Not just artworks, God is Alien NFTs possess unlimited future potential. As a wise investor, you should hold NFTs because their value may appreciate twice or thrice of its face value in a short period. Using NFTs, you can buy various other costly items in future as well.

God is Alien NFTs are likely to be available at 500-USD, which shows the faith of crypto enthusiasts towards buying its NFTs at such a high price.

In Conclusion

This February, God is Alien NFTs are likely to supply over 1000 units online. The company also plans to supply a few thousand more in the coming months. Considering the popularity and demand of God Is Alien NFTs, there’s no doubt its supply will increase even further.

God Is Alien NFT community and its developers are also working on developing interesting and exciting video games for the public at large.

Last but not the least, NFT holders will also get access to exclusive music and entertainment events in Vancouver sponsored by Cinex Entertainment. It has a lot of surprising elements in store for us.

Find us on: https://opensea.io/collection/god-is-alien

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