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Elucell - Melbourne's Leading Clinic in PDO Threads

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Elucell - Melbourne's Leading Clinic in PDO Threads

Richmond, Victoria, 06/10/2022 / SubmitMyPR /

Elucell, a boutique Medical Spa in Melbourne that offers holistic rejuvenation treatments and a focus on sustainable maintenance for their clients. With a focus on subtle refreshment, Elucell’s Doctors and nurses only team strive for a ‘less is more’ method by combining PDO threads, anti-wrinkle, dermal filler and PRP treatments to take years off clients’ appearance without changing who they are.

Located along Bridge Road in Richmond, Elucell is at the epicentre of Melbourne and treats a wide variety of clients. Most importantly for Dr Isabella Sillar is to provide clients with the tools they need to address their ageing concerns. Unique to Elucell is the focus on patient safety and the ability to produce natural results tailored to the clients budget, lifestyle and medical conditions. To have a client understand the why’s of ageing and the indications for treatments is crucial for exceptional outcomes. Since emerging from COVID lockdowns in 2021, Elucell and Dr Isabella have rapidly built a reputation on patient centred care and rejection of the upsell model, the best treatment option is always the safest and most affordable.

The cosmetic industry within Australia has a reputation on making people more beautiful but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the litany of overfilled faces, lips and alien faces discredits what can actually be achieved. To beautify an individual is simple, everyone has imperfections that can be ‘fixed’, but to preserve an individual’s youth and features requires so much more than just filler and antiwrinkle.

At Elucell, our success is not determined by the number of mls of dermal filler used or empty antiwrinkle vials displayed in a waiting room. Elucell’s success comes from the client sharing stories of friends commenting that they ‘look well’ without being able to identify why. As an individual age, the dissonance between the internal feeling of being 20 and the external appearance of being 40, 50 or 60 not only increases but has been shown to dramatically alter an individual’s self confidence and self image. Menopause and ageing and the loss of control over how one looks has been pushed to be accepted as normal, but as we grow old and remain in the workforce for longer the implications of becoming invisible and less ‘viable’ is isolating. Our 30, 40s and 50s are supposed to be the best of our life when things are becoming simplified and we learn to live with ourselves as individuals, but as time slips away so does our external identity.

Elucell and Dr Isabella are trying to detangle the paternal and demoralising thought process that ageing is natural and we are to accept it. To understand that the external symptoms of ageing boil down to an accumulation of deficiencies of skin, connective tissue and volume means that Elucell is able to appropriately diagnose and treat an individual to maintain them and not change them. For Dr Isabella, her role isn’t to stop the ageing process but it’s to listen, educate and provide the tools necessary for an individual to have a say in how they externalise the ageing process. A backbone of her practice is the early utilisation of collagen stimulating therapies especially for PDO lifting and mono threads, anti-wrinkle, Plasma therapy and a simple and affordable at home maintenance routine. Dermal filler is integrated as a tertiary step, not as the first quick fix routine to so many other providers.

The best results for patients are achieved when they present in the mild to moderate category of age related structural changes such as jowling, heaviness around the eyes, papery lax skin and sagging of the neck, tummies and bottoms! At Elucell, we are driven to be the best in providing minimally invasive procedures to manage the external ageing processes and to recognise and support advanced cases to accessing the specialised services of plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

Elucell provides a holistic approach to a person’s appearance whether their concern is ageing or harmonising their features in a calming and supportive environment. As for our results, we understand true satisfaction for patients does not come from Elucell’s projection of what they should look like, instead Elucell’s nurses and doctors unravel the fears and desires a patient has and become a carpenter to their designs. A good clinic is one that can recreate an aesthetic trend regardless of the individual, a great clinic is one that maintains an individual regardless of the trends.

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