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ActiveFence Introduced Hi-Tech Proactive Content Moderation

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ActiveFence, the leader in online integrity and when it comes to interactions with different online platforms, trust and safety are common terms

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ActiveFence, the leader in online integrity and when it comes to interactions with different online platforms, trust and safety are common terms. Imagine working on a platform where you are constantly worried about your safety and that of your data. Every platform has a department responsible for ensuring that the platform's environment is easy, trustworthy, and secure; this is often done by evaluating different potential risks and developing and mitigating these threats. Client and brand protection are among the different ethics that apply to all digital platforms. While doing this, these firms have to deal with issues such as misinformation, cyberbullying, freedom of expression, and radicalization. Trust and safety take up the burden of content moderation, protect online platforms services, ensure the integrity of information and services and protect users of the different online platforms. Such tasks can sometimes be a huge burden for the trust and safety teams of small online platforms; this is why there are firms such as ActiveFence. ActiveFence takes up the task of working with different online platforms to ensure trust and safety by providing strategies to mitigate issues associated with the former.

It takes significant resources for any brand to build and maintain its image. Most assume that this is the priority of most online platforms, but this is not the case. Content moderation tops the list; the brand's activity impacts the firm's image and performance; in this case, the activity in this course refers to the content available on the different social media platforms of the brand.

Content moderation is evaluating information to check whether it complies with the set rules and regulations. This process also covers establishing different rules by the trust and safety team to ensure brand and client protection from issues such as discrimination, radicalization, and cyberbullying. Content moderation is an important aspect that cannot be ignored for the following reasons.

As stated above, content evaluation is all about screening content posted on the website of the online platform in question. It is often done to check whether the content meets the set trust and safety requirements; there are other aspects checked, such as broken ad links, typos, and grammatical errors. Social media users are always quick to note errors, which, in most cases, negatively impacts the brand as the quality of their work is questioned. Content moderation saves firms from the shame and embarrassment of such issues, which could affect the brand and performance.

Content moderation is one of the tasks handled by the Trust and Safety departments of online platforms. These departments work to ensure clients enjoy a safe and secure environment without dealing with threats. By evaluating the content, the firm filters out information that could trigger issues such as discrimination and cyber bully. Firms like ActiveFence specialize in trust and safety; they have tools such as harmful content detection tools that check through websites and remove any content that could violate safety policies.

There are several factors that influence the brand image, including the quality of services offered, usability of the online platform, and online safety. If any of these issues is not upheld, the brand image is affected negatively, affecting its performance. Negative comments and content are a reflection of the online platform's image. This is because people associate a brand with its services and what others say about the brand. Even if some of these comments might be biased, they would still affect your brand. It is important to have a team that filters out such content to protect the brand. While doing this, you would concurrently protect the users, as some comments might be about them.

The UK online safety bill is among the most controversial bills; the government thinks it will be the key to making the UK the one place one can experience safety online. The bill was launched three years ago, suggesting new regulations to be implemented to ensure the safety of all online users. This bill impacts all online platforms with user-generated content, such as videos, photos, and written messages. It is aimed at protecting UK firms and users against both illegal and legal content that may pose as harmful.

All platforms under this bill will be bound by a "duty of care" which entrusts them with the online users' safety. The bill asks the firm to evaluate risks that the users may be exposed to, develop strategies to mitigate these risks and take up any necessary steps to keep the users safe. The DSA, on the other hand, fosters the safety of users against illegal content or any altered content with the intent of causing harm. It puts in place several legal actions to be taken against individuals that violate the set rules.

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