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Stillinger Investigations, Inc. Opens New Charleston SC Office

Last updated Monday, September 19, 2022 22:00 ET

A private investigation team focusing on adultery, child custody, insurance fraud, civil litigation, and criminal defense investigations, providing dependable service throughout the Southeast US.

Charleston, SC, 09/19/2022 / SubmitMyPR /

Stillinger Investigations, Inc., one of the best private investigator in South Carolina, is proud to announce the opening of the new Charleston SC Office.

This private investigator provides a team of professional, licensed private investigators who have combined experience of over 50 years of south Carolina private investigator service in South Carolina and surrounding areas. Their private investigation service is led by their veteran team dedicated to knowing south Carolina laws as they work with the law enforcement division of charleston, south Carolina.

Stillinger's charleston private investigators focus on meeting their investigator's needs and helping them uncover the truth.

Stillinger Investigations, Inc. Opens New Charleston SC Office
Stillinger Investigations, Inc. Opens New Charleston SC Office

Their comprehensive Private investigator services feature:

Investigating adultery and infidelity- They can minimize the stress and uncertainty of knowing whether or not their client has a cheating spouse. Any information obtained can potentially assist them in court or when handling legal matters.

Child custody- Their confidential detectives' monitoring service will tell their client how another parent or guardian is treating their child. The information obtained can be invaluable in a child custody issue. They work with their client's attorney to get the admissible evidence they need for their day in court

Counter Surveillance- Their sophisticated technology can identify hidden surveillance equipment and tell their client if someone is investigating them. They use the latest technology and the most reliable and cost-effective device in the industry.

Database research- These private investigators can help their clients track someone down or discover something about them. They are equipped with the knowledge and tools to find out information that can be helpful when facing a divorce, custody battle, etc.

Hidden Cameras- Their cameras are virtually impossible to see and detect and can help clients record fraudulent activity at work or home. Experienced and licensed private investigators will review the footage with the latest hidden camera software to capture the needed evidence.

Digital Forensics- They can access information from electronic devices that someone perhaps didn't want to be accessed. Their state-of-the-art equipment allows them to perform forensic analyses on computers, tablets, PCs, smartphones, and cellular phones as other digital storage devices.

Criminal Defense Investigations- Their Charleston private investigators can guarantee their clients have the best defense when their lawyers represent them in court by looking closely at the case's circumstances.


At Stillinger Investigations, they have 50+ years of combined private investigator experience and a diverse team with a wide range of backgrounds and qualifications.

They are a private investigation team focusing on adultery, child custody, insurance fraud, civil litigation, and criminal defense investigations. With 5 full-time, licensed private investigators, they provide prompt, thorough, dependable service to an attorney, insurance companies, and individual clients throughout the Southeast US. They maintain a full range of technical and surveillance equipment, including specialized cameras, audio equipment, tech devices, and counter-surveillance detection equipment

Contact details:

Author Name: Brian Stillinger

Company Name: Stillinger Investigations, Inc.

Local Address: 170 Meeting Street Charleston, SC 29401, United States

Phone Number: (843) 212-1338

Company email: [email protected]

Website Url: https://investigatesc.com/

Video link: https://youtu.be/4wlxdk6oaHo

Stillinger Investigations, Inc.

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