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Birdie — the game changing web3.0 golf proposition

Last updated Friday, October 21, 2022 20:35 ET , Source: Birdie

Birdie is a groundbreaking proposition that aims to leverage web3.0 in the world of traditional golf.

Cheyenne, Wyoming , USA, 10/21/2022 / SubmitMyPR /

Birdie is a groundbreaking proposition that aims to leverage web3.0 in the world of traditional golf. The game is no longer that of your grandfather — it’s young, it’s modern and it’s open for crypto. In fact, the best growth in golf adoption is in younger demographic age groups.

How do we intend to conquer this new market for crypto? Through a proposition that balances the virtual web3.0 world and the real-world experiences of golf:

    ($BGOLF) will allow access to current and legendary golfers — both through their fan tokens and also through personal time spent playing golf together with them. And that’s just for starters…

    Fan Tokens are finite in number — and with proportional voting your voice matters!

    Use voting and draws to obtain experiences and merchandise of your favourite golfers.

    Once you acquire fan tokens, you can keep for the long term or sell when you wish.

    The beta version of the app will be launched in December 2022. The Birdie App will offer entry into a complete ecosystem — bringing fans closer to both their favourite golfers and the game of golf. Influence, unique experiences, rewards, and eventually fantasy league game-play will be key elements of the Birdie proposition.

So come and join us on this journey — learn more about our proposition and have a look at our upcoming mobile app.


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Contact person : Stefan Petersen
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Location : Cheyenne, USA

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