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How PlusRecoup is Helping Victims of Crypto and Online Scams

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How PlusRecoup is Helping Victims of Crypto and Online Scams

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American-based company, PlusRecoup, helps those who have suffered from Crypto and other forms of online scams to get their money back

PlusRecoup, who have offices in California and Washington, assist victims of cryptocurrency scams, investment scams, Forex scams and other types of online scams. They offer free consultations and provide leads to verified third-party companies that may charge a fee in return for their own services. The company also keeps various databases on their website including a list of scam brokers, a cryptocurrency scammer list and a Forex scammer list. They encourage all customers to check PlusRecoup’s databases before finalizing online payments with any investment company online.

For anyone wondering how to report a scammer online, this can be done by contacting PlusRecoup through their website. By filling out their contact form, victims of fraud can file a complaint against individual scammers or file a complaint against a company who has used unethical practices and violated fair business principles. Once received, PlusRecoup will utilise their decades of experience in guiding and advising victims of scams to deal with each complaint. Some of the ways to address these issues include escalating to Regulatory Agencies, Local and National Ombudsman, Law Enforcement Agencies, Legal Advisers, Banking Consultants and also recommending the best solution depending on the case.

As a spokesperson for PlusRecoup stated: “Being scammed in any capacity can be a very traumatic experience, especially when it happens online. Sadly, it occurs all too often and many people won’t report a scam out of a sense of hopelessness or embarrassment. We encourage victims of scams to contact our top-quality trained customer service representatives which are available 24/7. Our purpose is to create a movement where justice is served and fraudulent companies, brokerages, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies scam exchanges are held accountable for their actions. We are stronger together than as individuals and every time someone lodges a complaint our voice becomes more powerful.”

PlusRecoup have helped over 3500 happy clients and successfully dealt with over 8160 complaints. Their agents are professional and well-trained to deal with all types of online scams and they aren’t happy until each customer is 100% satisfied.

About PlusRecoup

PlusRecoup are experts when it comes to dealing with scams and frauds. They help victims of such scams to retrieve their money and receive the justice they deserve. They have offices in Seattle and California and also have a dedicated team of well-trained customer service representatives available 24/7.

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