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A Russian-Speaking Defense Lawyer is Here to Make a Difference: Vadim. A Glozman

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A Russian-Speaking Defence Lawyer is Here to Make a Difference: Vadim. A Glozman

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Vadim. A Glozman
Vadim. A Glozman

Vadim. A Glozman

Immigrating to a new country is always a difficult journey that comes with its own nuances and details we often feel others may never understand. We all seek a home that has a community that understands one’s culture and language.

And whether you are an immigrant or a born citizen, each person craves the important pillars of comfort, security — protection — especially when it comes to the law. 

The law offices of Vadim A. Glozman, attorneys and counselors at law, are here to do exactly that. Better yet, they are able to provide many U.S. citizens and immigrants with all three when defending them in criminal court, having not only experience with their cases but also the ability to speak other languages. Glozman, for example, helps many Russian-speaking clients who communicate better in Russian. 

The fact of the matter is, criminal defense lawyers are very much needed in this country. The Vera Institute reports that there is an arrest every three seconds in the United States and that more than 10 million arrests are made every year. According to the US Census Bureau, there are currently 2,432,733 people with Russian ancestry living in the United States and many who face arrest and criminal charges may be seeking a lawyer who speaks Russian and understands their history and background.

A revered and renowned criminal defense lawyer, Vadim A. Glozman, has been that very source of security for many communities seeking to navigate their criminal justice case. 

“We have a no-nonsense approach with our clients where we fully immerse ourselves in their case and develop a strategy with only their best interests in mind,” Glozman’s firm explains on their website. “No two cases are the same, and neither should two defenses; our devotion to our clients’ causes have earned us a reputation as knowledgeable, honest, and tenacious litigators.”

This particular law firm has been making strides in the world of criminal defense given that unlike other firms, they keep the specialty as their only service. In other words, the firm’s only practice is criminal defense matters, focusing primarily on white collar crime law, major felony criminal defense, civil and criminal asset forfeiture, and appellate representation. This can range from cases on conspiracy, mortgage fraud, health care fraud, bank fraud, mail fraud, theft of trade secrets, obstruction of justice, public corruption, drug crimes, violent crime and more.

Moreover, the defense lawyers at the Vadim A. Glozman firm invest themselves into each and every client through thorough research, analytics and one-to-one consultations. 

“A good federal lawyer and criminal justice attorney is able to be the source of calm in the storm and work in partnership with their client, pouring in all the time and effort possible to understand even the most minute of details,” Glozman shared, passionately. “In criminal defense cases, there often is a lot of evidence for the other side but it’s our job as attorneys to filter through and see where the gaps are— see where our clients can come out on the other side.” 

This search for details comes hand in hand with getting to know the defendant and truly let their voice be heard. 

To this end, Glozman and his team ensure to ask all the right questions to understand the story of their client. Have they grown up in a supportive environment? Are both parents present in their lives? What was the situation they were in before the arrest? 

Being able to ask these questions in Russian as well as English has made all the difference because clients feel comfortable to share their truth knowing nothing will be lost in translation.

“We are all human— so, my firm pairs empathy with expertise to help understand the case at hand,” the criminal attorney expressed, aptly. “I have represented individuals from all kinds of career paths— businessmen, doctors, lawyers, political leaders, you name it. And what they all have in common is this: they made a mistake — who hasn’t? What’s important now is to figure out how to solve it with as minimal pressure on my client as possible.” 

Glozman’s career has therefore been nothing short of ambitious: he takes in every circumstance and like a puzzle, puts the pieces together to help the judge and jury see the bigger picture. 

To date, Glozman has been defending cases across the United States, most notably in Illinois, New York, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Missouri, Connecticut, and Washington. He is known for his tireless and dedicated advocacy, aggressively defending his clients until he earns them acquittals, dismissals, more lenient sentences or sentence reductions as well as appellate victories in the face of aforementioned federal and state matters. 

In this way, Glozman and his associate attorney Matthew P. Kralovec have been representing men and women through all kinds of litigation whether it be grand jury investigations, verdicts, sentencing or appeals. Each client finds that Glozman and Kralovec develop a bespoke defense strategy, rife with a strong research foundation and quintessential knowledge of law.

And their past case results say it all.

Take the famous United States v. DM trial where DM, superstar musician R. Kelly’s former business manager, was accused of conspiring to rig R. Kelly’s 2008 Cook County trial. Glozman’s strategic work ethic allowed the trail to result in an acquittal after only five weeks. 

Or take the meaningful Galich v. Advocate Health trial where Glozman was able to get his client a $45 million jury verdict on behalf of an army veteran who suffered a permanent brain injury due to a failed emergency room intubation.

If that’s not enough— let’s look at United States v. OD – OD, where an investigator was charged with allegedly participating in a conspiracy to distribute 10 kilograms of cocaine with several major drug traffickers out of California. After only a week-and-a-half long jury trial, Glozman’s strong hand in law allowed OD to be found Not Guilty on all counts. 

“At the end of the day, my biggest concern is my client’s well-being and their right to a fair trial,” Glozman said, proudly. “Whether they be American citizens, immigrants, or native communities, I am here for them and ready to defend each and every one with tact, resilience and strength. Together, we can create a world of justice.”

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