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Kliniek Vergelijker launches Find & compare The best clinics

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Kliniek Vergelijker

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Since 2008, Netherlands-based Kliniek Vergelijker has been helping people to invest in their beauty by comparing various treatments and clinics. Their mission is to “create a world where every investment in beauty is worth it” and they want to ensure full transparency so that anyone getting a treatment or procedure knows what the benefits and risks are. They also offer a free consultation service for all first-time customers.

While they are based in the Netherlands, the company helps people in finding treatments and clinics in Turkey, a country very well suited to such procedures on account of their technology, expertise and experience.

What are Their Values?

The company has four values that are central to everything they do.

They want information to be shared and not stored. They are honest about what they do and how they do it. They tell customers the truth, no matter how difficult it is to hear.

Kliniek Vergelijker only work with the top clinics of each specialization. These clinics are subject to strict guidelines and controls. 

Love for Humans
Kliniek Vergelijker understand that every customer is a human with their own concerns and feelings. They treat everyone with respect and in doing so, helps increase employment, job security and the economic success of the clinics they work with.

Kliniek Vergelijker want to have a positive involvement with all their customers and provide them with accurate information so they can make an informed decision.

What Sort of Treatments do they Compare?
Kliniek Vergelijker have a wide range of treatments and procedures listed on their website, including hair transplant, veneers, breast enlargement, fillers and laser hair removal. 

Each treatment comes with a wealth of information, including details on reviews, customer satisfaction, before and after pictures, recovery times and cost. All the information about procedures is detailed by experienced professional from candidate suitability to the process to the risks.

What are Their Most Popular Treatments?
The five most popular treatments as listed on their website are veneers, breast augmentation, hair transplants, Brazilian Butt lifts and Nose jobs. Each has a customer satisfaction level of between 86% to 97%.

Where are Their Clinics Located?
Kliniek Vergelijker have four clinics, each offering a unique combination of procedures and treatments. All four are located in the Netherlands: Skinnocence Aesthetics in Laren, Bergman Clinics in Utrecht and Rademekers Kinsburgen in Amsterdam and Utrecht.

How Many People Use Kliniek Vergelijker?
Over 3.7 million people use Kliniek Vergelijker’s each year to compare and book services.

How to Contact Kliniek Vergelijker
Kliniek Vergelijker is available to contact by phone at +316 1 667 667 0 and email at [email protected]

Kliniek Vergelijker is a quality comparator of treatments and clinics in the Netherlands and Turkey with over 3.7 million people using their services annually. They are fully transparent and provide customers with detailed information on everything to do with treatments from the price to the potential risks. 

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