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How To Save Ticket Stubs in the Digital Age

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Relic Tickets understands the value of ticket stubs, which is why they are giving today’s ticket buyers a safer and more convenient way to save them.

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When Jackie Robinson played his first game as a Brooklyn Dodger in 1947, some 46,000 fans paid $1.75 for a ticket to the game. Apparently, a few of those fans kept their ticket stubs. In February 2022, one of the stubs surfaced at an auction featuring sports memorabilia, selling for a winning bid of $480,000. The moral of the story is that keeping your ticket stubs can pay big dividends.

Relic Tickets understands the value of ticket stubs, which is why they are giving today’s ticket buyers a safer and more convenient way to save them. Relic Ticket’s approach to ticketing leverages blockchain technology to make stubs easier to secure, preserve, and access after the event has passed.

“No more storing ticket stubs from concerts or games in shoeboxes under the bed,” says Hunter Abramson, CEO of Relic Tickets. “Now, ticket stubs are protected on a shared, immutable, decentralized ledger. No one ever needs to worry about losing them or forgetting them in their pocket when their pants go into the washing machine.”

Leveraging blockchain to enhance the ticketing experience

Relic Tickets is a NFT ticketing company that is disrupting the industry. Its platform, which issues tickets in the form of non-fungible tokens, enhances the ticketing process for both vendors and event goers alike. Tickets issued by the company not only give vendors more options for optimizing sales, but also allow for fans to have a more meaningful connection with the artists or teams that they are paying to see.

“NFT tickets are a fantastic tool for building community and loyalty into the fanbase,” Hunter explains. “Traditional tickets become collectibles that a fan can pull out to prove they were there, and NFT tickets take it to the next level. They become a direct digital communication link between the fan and the team or artist. The potential for NFT Tickets to enhance the user experience is limited only by the creativity of the issuer.”

The potential that Hunter refers to stems from the NFTs utility, or the functionality that is inherent in blockchain-based digital assets. Utility allows NFTs to function as much more than a simple digital receipt — it provides the capability for them to unlock a deeper experience, as well as a unique asset that can grow in value and be resold on NFT marketplaces in the future.

“Fans who enter an event with an NFT ticket not only enjoy the show, but also end up with an NFT in their digital wallet,” Hunter says. “After the event, the NFT becomes a ticket to more engagement and an opportunity to continue connecting with the community of fans. With NFT tickets, the experience never needs to end.”

Giving ticket vendors powerful digital tools

The platform Relic Tickets has created also rewards the organizations that use it to issue tickets. NFT tickets are digital and programmable, meaning vendors have control over tickets even after they are purchased and passed to the ticket holder. Relic Ticket’s process also empowers vendors to collect more data on purchasers that can be used to add value to the fan and increase revenue for the organization. Overall, the ticketing process becomes an ongoing relationship, rather than a one-time transaction.

NFT ticketing also dramatically increases security for those selling and buying tickets, with ticket scams having grown exponentially alongside the advent of online ticketing. In addition, the precision that can be achieved with today’s digital tools have made counterfeit tickets extremely difficult to detect. NFT tickets leverage the security of blockchain to dramatically decrease the likelihood of fraud and theft.

“We believe that ticketing is super broken and it needs to change,” Hunter says. “Fans and the operators that care about their experience deserve a better option, and Relic Tickets provides that option. By providing a platform that protects ticket holders and allows artists and teams to connect more powerfully with their fans, everyone wins.”

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