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Fmytex cryptocurrency exchange average daily trading volume reaches $670 million

Last updated Tuesday, November 22, 2022 10:55 ET , Source: Fmytex Cryptocurrency Exchange

More and more investors choose Fmytex as a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange.

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Fmytex is registered by the MSB (Money Service Business) in California, and regulated by the FinCEN. It is an innovative multi-currency crypto asset exchange for the world and is one of the few exchanges in the USA that complies with the laws and regulations of the financial industry.

This project was co-founded by former Airbnb engineer Aliezer Lande Bartole and former Goldman Sachs trader Felix Edwards.

Fmytex has a complete investment chain and long-term reliable investors. The company has secured $497 million in investment from venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures (USV) and Ribbit Capital, providing stable funding for the company's operational growth.

In April 2021, Fmytex reported a nine-fold increase in revenue to $1.39 Billion in the fourth quarter compared to the same period last year. In October 2022, the company's quarterly transaction volume reached $4.8 billion.The surge is attributed to the increase in the number of users during the time period.

Fmytex Global now serves more than 30 countries with over 500,000 users, over 80 coins, and over 1,000 employees, with core members from top global financial firms. Transactions support [fiat-crypto] and [crypto-crypto] purchases; allows quick coin purchases through the OTC shop. In November 2022, Fmytex increased its platform by more than 4,000 daily active users with an average daily transaction volume of $670 million, according to Chief Operating Officer Jasflocca. The diversity of cryptocurrencies and highly liquid are an important factors that makes Fmytex stand out from the crowd.

According to theĀ white paper In terms of global layout strategy, Fmytex Global has made the most accurate layout plan by looking at the whole picture and will lay out the pivot countries, with the USA as the pivot point in North America; Japan as the pivot point in East Asia, Thailand as the pivot point in Southeast Asia; and Malta as the pivot point in Europe and Africa. Fmytex Global has established a business presence in Japan, completed plans to open a physical office in Tokyo and made its first acquisition in Japan with the purchase of an artificial intelligence support platform for approximately US$40-50 million. The company says it will use new technology to automate its customers to experience tools.

The perfect talent system provides a strong guarantee for Fmytex's services. The company has a meticulous and comprehensive customer service system, they always provides 24-hour real-time customer service to ensure that problems are resolved within 24 hours and that the progress of the transaction is followed up throughout. From the initial expert consultation to the execution of the transaction, a team of professional tax legal advisors provide a solid backing for the transaction from start to finish.

The security of transactions is also guaranteed for Fmytex, which has a global team of the country's top security experts. The transaction process uses a variety of highly sophisticated technologies, including multi-factor identification using passwords, biometrics, email, telephone and authenticator verification, and regular software peer reviews.

At present, Fmytex is still working on improving the company's systems. Meantime, more and more investors choose Fmytex as trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange. There is no doubt that Fmytex is on the cusp of becoming a rising star in the international cryptocurrency arena.

For more information, please follow the website: www.fmytex.com and or email: [email protected].

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