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ABBC Trade Promises Exciting Offers Including 300% BUSD Rewards

Last updated Thursday, November 24, 2022 21:06 ET , Source: ABBC FOUNDATION

ABBC has recently launched its ABBC Trade portal, allowing users to trade their coins and earn 300% in BUSD rewards. Read more

Dubai, UAE, 11/24/2022 / SubmitMyPR /

ABBC Foundation unveiled its latest trading platform ABBC Trade on November 1, 2022. ABBC Trade enables users to earn 300% in BUSD rewards in 365 days, which can be withdrawn every seven days via Aladdin Pro Wallet.

Users can trade ABBC coins worth a minimum of 100 BUSD and a maximum of 1000 BUSD per month. Once the users reach a maximum limit, they must wait at least a month before trading additional ABBC coins. The ABBC Trade portal also has an intriguing attribute where users can invite their friends or family to start an account using a referral code. With this referral credit, users can gain 7% BUSD of the invitee’s traded amount as instant referral rewards.

Another compelling detail is that the ABBC team is on track to start a Bonanza event every month and one lucky winner with an active ABBC Trade plan can win an exciting bonus. This bonus includes the chance to double the amount traded on the winner’s plan.

The ABBC Trade portal also relies on a secure transaction, and users must undergo KYC verification to subscribe to any plan with the trade portal. A scanned copy of the user’s passport or a government-issued photo ID must be submitted together with a selfie holding their passport or photo ID in one hand, and a piece of paper with the current date and “#ABBCCoin” written on the other hand.

Aiming to provide the most user-friendly experience, the ABBC Trade platform ensures a fast, efficient, and secure trading portal that allows users to track all the BUSD rewards they have earned. The users can claim these earned rewards immediately at any given time.

The ABBC team strives to create an ever-supportive ABBC community with the latest technological advancements and user-attractive projects in the blockchain and crypto realms. Users can receive all the latest updates on ABBC projects by following their social media platforms and Telegram channel. Also, for enquires, ABBC provides a support team at [email protected].

In related news, Buyaladdin will soon reveal its global launch under the ABBC Foundation. Buyaladdin is a cryptocurrency-based online shopping mall that makes shopping more accessible for crypto-savvy customers. The shopping mall will accept payments in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and ABBC coin (ABBC). Specifically, 1 ABBC will be equal to $100 in the Buyaladdin shopping mall.

About ABBC

Launched in 2017, the ABBC Foundation is a Dubai-based blockchain company. Its native coin, the ABBC Coin, aims to introduce the future of payment security to its users. The ABBC platform affirms seamless crypto transactions for every user. The platform has its own digital wallet service with which users can conduct transactions at their convenience devoid of any privacy issues.

Website: https://trade.abbccoin.com

Telegram: https://t.me/abbcfoundationofficial

CoinmarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/abbc-coin/

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